3 Tips For Healthy Choices When Eating Out

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3 Tips For Healthy Choices When Eating Out

Everyone’s busy these days, and often we are stuck eating on the go or hitting the nearest restaurant for our 12:00 lunch meetings. Unfortunately, it can be more difficult to make healthy choices when eating out but it doesn’t have to be impossible. There are ways to avoid making poor food choices, feeling bloated, and getting post lunch fatigue. So next time you run out to a great dinner or lunch, keep some of these tips in mind and you will find that you can make better choices that keep your waistline from expanding.


Avoid fried foods

This is something that can be a little tough depending on where you go, but avoiding fried foods can go a long ways. Fried foods are one of the worst things you can eat and a great way to add on extra pounds or raise your blood pressure. Instead, opt for baked foods. Baked fish or chicken is an excellent option, and you will find that the flavors are much more delicate and savory.


Watch the sides

You might have chosen a healthy main dish, but that doesn’t mean that your entire meal is necessarily healthy. Many casual places will give you an order of French fries, which are typically high in fat and are fried, which we already know is a big no-no. So if the restaurant is going to offer you French fries with your meal, consider seeing if they are willing to substitute a healthier option. Fresh fruit, vegetables, a side salad, or cottage cheese are all great sides.Trust me, your waistline will thank you.


Watch those condiments and add-ons

When you order a salad, you may feel that you are making a healthy choice, but most of the fat from salads come from the dressing or those oh so yummy bacon bits. Instead of getting a rich dressing like Thousand Island or ranch dressing, consider getting a light vinaigrette or lowfat variety of your favorite dressing instead. Similarly, you can ask for dressing on the side, which will allow you to apply it in a way that you can control. Also, watch for other condiments such as mayonnaise and other creamy based toppings that just add extra fat to your meals.

By following these tips you will be on the right path to making healthy food choices when you eat out and avoid packing on the pounds.



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