4 Fitness Fundamentals for Women Above 35

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Today I have a special post from Susan White with Rad Tech Schools. Susan has written a great article focusing on some fitness tips for you ladies over 35, because as we get older ladies it become even more important to take care of our bodies through diet and exercise. Here is Susan’s article:

4 Fitness Fundamentals for Women Above 35

It’s not something any woman would like to even contemplate about, but it’s a harsh reality that she must accept – growing old is a part of life that cannot be stopped for any reason whatsoever. And so we grudgingly admit that we’ve crossed the hill into our thirties and are dreading the day we near the forty-year mark. Although 35 is not really considered middle age, there’s no denying that the body starts to feel its age – you start to put on weight more easily, especially around your middle; you don’t feel as energetic as you did before; and you envy the 20-somethings for both the years they have left in their life and the life they have in those years. However, there are ways to hang on to your youth if you’re willing to put in an effort to stay fit and healthy, because being young is all about looking good and feeling great. So here they are, fitness fundas for women above the age of 35:

  • Eat less: As you grow older, your body requires fewer calories to function effectively, so if you continue to eat as much as you did before, you’re bound to put on weight in all the wrong places. Don’t be surprised if you find that you’ve gained more than a few pounds in a matter of months even though you haven’t altered your diet or fitness routine. Truth is, your body is reacting to its age, and the only way to counteract this is to eat less and include more nutrients in your food.
  • Boost muscle mass: Your muscle mass deteriorates as you grow older, and with the loss of muscle, your metabolism decreases and you tend to put on weight. To prevent this, boost your muscle mass with weight training three days a week. Use light dumbbells to train your upper body; do a few sets of squats and lunges every other day; and if you have access to a gym, work some leg lifts and leg crunches into your routine. Working out with weights and strength training take just a few minutes, but they have just as much effect, if not more, than cardiovascular exercises.

  • Tone down intensity: Your mind may be willing, but your body is weaker and slower now than when you were 25. So tone down the intensity of your exercising to prevent wear and tear of muscle and bone and to prevent injury. As you grow older, your bone density decreases and leaves you prone to accidental falls and fractures. To prevent this, you need to build bone density with strength training and reduce high impact activities that could damage your knees and leave you prone to early arthritis.
  • Prevent illness: And finally, you must keep an eye on your body and health at all times by visiting your doctor regularly and getting yourself screened for various diseases like breast cancer, gynecological disorders, heart disease (women are more prone to heart disease when they near menopause and lose the protection provided by their hormones), and other illnesses. Also, take a step closer to fitness by giving up smoking and drinking regularly, and avoiding stress.

Fitness is not just a matter of aesthetics for women; it is an indicator of their overall health and wellness as they grow older.

This article is contributed by Susan White, who regularly writes on the subject of rad tech schools. She invites your questions, comments at her email address: susan.white33@gmail.com.




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    An amazing amount of great info from Susan White. The one thing I
    got out of her article was the importance of staying fit and healthy as
    we get older. So much of the population stops exercising after 35 that
    when they get into their later years their quality of life doesn’t allow
    them to do the thngs they want. I agree that everyone needs some form of
    strength training to slow down the natural muscle atrophy which
    occurs as we get older. Get out and start today so you can get the
    most out of life.

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