5 Reasons Food Pisses Me Off (And What I Do About It)

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Do you get pissed at food? I know I do and here’s why…

I get pissed because I eat gluten free, and well eating gluten free is difficult. I have to turn down bread when I’m eating out. And my go to quick and easy, eat in the car, drive through sandwich is no longer an option.

Becky Fox FitnessI get pissed because sugar tastes so damn good and everywhere I turn there it is. At the checkout lane in the grocery store or every party or social gathering I’ve ever been to in my entire life. Even my bank has those delicious flavored suckers. It’s like it won’t leave me alone.

I get pissed because foods that are fast and convenient are often foods I should avoid so it makes eating on the go difficult. You know those fast foods that are loaded with chemicals, salt, unhealthy fats, sugars, gluten, and who knows what else to make me fat and sick.

I get pissed because eating healthier has increased my grocery bill. I now have to spend MORE money just to eat nutritious food. What’s up with that?

And lastly, I get pissed because water is boring. Why can’t I just drink a Root Beer with dinner everyday to break up the monotony?

Ok, I know you may think I have lost my mind, but the truth is sometimes I really do get pissed at the way the food industry is today. The big guys make unhealthy food cheap, easy and convenient and it seems so UNFAIR.

Why You Should STOP Getting Pissed Off

But the second I catch myself getting pissed about food I realize that my anger is not doing a SINGLE thing to benefit me.

In fact, all that anger is doing is putting me in a terrible mood. A mood that just ruins my meal or my day. Yeah, that anger literally controls me and how I feel. That’s SOO not cool.

It easily gives me an excuse to eat something that I know doesn’t support my goals and that I will regret later. It creates an easy out.

It fills me with NEGATIVE energy that is draining rather than POSITIVE energy that makes me feel happy and excited.

And most importantly, it leaves me feeling POWERLESS rather than POWERFUL.

Anger Management 101

So getting angry is not the answer. It’s not going to change anything and it certainly doesn’t benefit you or me in ANY way.

So the next time you find yourself getting heated about FOOD, I want you to try something…

Instead of getting pissed because you can’t or shouldn’t eat something that’s unhealthy, turn it around. Acknowledge that your anger is not serving you and that you have the power to look at things differently.

becky fox fitnessInstead, take the time to focus on how healthy food makes you feel. I know for me I feel a ZILLION times better when I’m eating healthy. I have more energy, my mood is super positive and happy, and I feel more focused and productive. Other clients of mine have noticed headaches or body aches completely disappear.

Take time to focus on the many benefits of eating healthy food such as a smaller waistline, better sleep, better health, less sick days, or clearer skin.

Remind yourself what taking care of your body will do for you life such as increasing your confidence, getting the body you want to wear the clothes you want, give you the stamina to keep up with little ones, or to feel sexy when you’re naked.

Notice how less desirable that junk food is now becoming…

You Have A Choice

You have a choice to get angry or not. You have a choice to eat healthy or not. The choice is yours.

So instead of thinking “I can’t have that cookie.”

Empower yourself by saying instead, “I  CHOOSE to eat the fruit bowl because it nourishes and energizes my body and leaves me feeling oh so AMAZING!!”

Don’t you deserve that? Doesn’t your body deserve that?

So anytime you find yourself becoming pissed off at unhealthy food, try this exercise. The more you do it, the easier it will become to make healthier choices.

The more you remind yourself of the benefits you get from nourishing your body, enjoying healthy food, and avoiding a pissing match with food, the less you’ll crave junk and the more you will look forward to giving your body the proper nutrition and fuel that it needs to work, look, and feel it’s best.



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