Who’s Becky Fox?

I have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years (and absolutely love it!). As a fitness expert and fitness model, I’ve been featured on various media outlets including ABC, NBC, FOX, ESPN, WHNZ, The Business Journal, Women’s Running Magazine, Power Systems, and more!

Not only have I studied fitness and nutrition like crazy, but I’ve also felt the frustration and disappointment that you may be feeling now because you don’t have the body or energy you once had when you were younger.becky fox fitness

I’ve tried various fitness and diet programs that have left me yo yo-ing back and forth, gaining and losing the same 10-15 pounds over and over again. I’ve done programs with LOTS of cardio, wondering why I wasn’t getting results. I’ve lowered my calories so much that after 3 days on the diet I not only quit the program but also ended up binging on junk.

I’ll be honest, I love to workout, but I have a busy and hectic schedule. I wouldn’t mind working out for an hour or two everyday but I just DON’T have the time and I know YOU don’t either. So that’s when I decided to design fat burning workouts that were quick and effective.

Now on the other hand, healthy eating has always been a struggle for me. I love chocolate. I love sweets. And yes sometimes I even hate lugging around my lunchbox. However, when you learn to eat the RIGHT foods and follow a HEALTHY nutrition plan you feel better, your sugar cravings go away, you’re not hungry all the time. You start to CRAVE making the RIGHT food choices, and AVOID the bad ones because you know it’ll make you feel like CRAP! It becomes second nature and you no longer sit down and eat the whole box of cookies in one sitting (yes I’ve done that too!)MikeByerlyBeckyFox

So my goal is to share what I’ve learned with others like you so you can be happier, healthier, and save time! That’s why I started Fox Fitness and designed  Tampa Personal Training Programs and the 7 Day Foxy Body Slim Down. I want to motivate, inspire, and teach others to get long-lasting and life-changing results!

I’ve used everything I’ve learned in these past 10 years to help hundreds of clients lose weight and even on myself to get ready for photo and video shoots. All I can say is these techniques I’ve learned over the years REALLY work and it’s CHANGED my own life, waistline, and health dramatically! Learn more about my clients results by clicking here now.

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