Budget Fitness: Get Fit For Less

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Are you looking to get fit for less? Getting fit doesn’t always have to be super costly and expensive. It can be nice to have a state of the art gym membership, or top of the line fitness equipment, but unfortunately it doesn’t always fit into everyone’s budget, nor is it even necessary to get fit. Budget fitness is possible and below are some ideas to get you started working out in your home or outdoors, so that you can get in shape without breaking the bank.

One way to get fit for less is to buy equipment that is inexpensive and has multiple uses. Many popular items such as the ab lounge or thigh master only work one part of the body, end up filling up a lot of space, and can get costly in the long run. So when looking for equipment to use find items that create variety and can work the entire body:

48ade391a5fe8Stability balls can be used for a variety of exercises from core to legs to arms. They also make great benches for a variety of exercises such as a chest press and can even be used as a seat at your desk.

Dumbbells will never go out of style. They are great for working out at home. They are less costly than larger fitness machines and they don’t use as much space.

Resistance bands are inexpensive, small, and lightweight. These are one of my personal favorites because they are easy when you are on the go. Take them along when you travel or when you are taking a walk.
Such equipment can be easily found at your local department or fitness store or online at sites like www.power-systems.com.
Other low cost ideas to get fit outside of the gym include:

Buying, renting, or borrowing workout videos. There is a large variety of workout videos on the market from strength training to cardio dance to kickboxing. This is a fun way to exercise right in your living room and get fit for less. Check out your local store, library, friends DVD rack, or video rental spot to find some great workout DVD’s. You can also get some great exercise ideas from my videos in my blog such as bodyweight exercises for strength or outdoor fitness exercises.

FitTV or ExerciseTV. Most cable packages will have one or both of these available with your package. This is another great way to get a variety of workouts right in your home.

Take it outdoors. When the weather is nice use the outdoors to run, walk, bike, or partake in an outdoor sport with your family or friends. Use picnic tables or benches to do step-ups, push-ups, or tricep dips. Or you could even join a running or walking club. Read my post on outdoor exercise for more outdoor exercises and tips to get fit for less.

So I don’t want to hear any excuses! Budget fitness is possible by utilizing inexpensive equipment, videos, and more. These fitness items can be just as effective as the more costly ones, so get out there and get fit for less.




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    ExerciseTV is such a money saver…I initially did it to cut the cost of a gym membership out of my budget but I didn’t know how effective it would be! I lost 5 pounds after dropping my membership and doing ExerciseTV. I saved money and now I look better too!

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    I’ve been reading a few of your articles on your website and really liked the content you have. I wanted to know if you were interested in giving your 3 best fat burning tips for my readers on my blog. You may leave 2-3 links back to your site if you would like. Your information that you can give would greatly be appreciated by my readers.



  3. Becky says

    Polprav…absolutely! And sorry I missed this before and took so long to respond.

    Chrisitian…Thanks for offering to have me write for your blog! I will get to work on it and get something to you ASAP! THANKS!!



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