The Two Types of Goals You MUST Set for Success

What Are Your Fitness Goals

Have you ever set goals only to..uh…never reach them? Goals to lose a certain amount of weight or fit into a certain size outfit? I know I have MANY times in the past, and not just around fitness or weight loss goals, but life goals and business goals too. I don’t know how many times […]

29 Reasons To Workout Today

29 Reasons to Workout

1. You’re not going to get a hot booty by sitting around on it all day. 2. Because you’re tired of looking at your skinny clothes in the closet (or trying to squeeze into clothes that are just to tight!). 3. You really don’t want to go up another size do you? 4. So you’re […]

Change Your Life With These Simple Stretches for Back Pain

Simple Stretches for Back Pain

Have you ever had back pain? Well if you haven’t, then there’s a good chance at some point in your life you will suffer from lower or upper back pain. I’m certainly no exclusion from this rule! I’ve had upper back pain that resulted from poor posture. Yeah I’ve been known to slouch over my […]

Why You Should Exercise Less!

exercise less

Exercise less? Oh I must be crazy! It’s true! A lot of time is wasted working out that doesn’t need to be. Whether it’s taking too long of a break between sets or just working at an intensity that’s too low for maximum calorie burn. Instead, why not burn more calories in less time? It’s […]

Kamagon Ball Review

kamagon ball review

Kamagon Ball Review There are so many pieces of equipment on the market today and so I realize how challenging it can be to know what to buy or not. The main factor to consider when buying equipment is whether a piece of equipment is versatile and has many uses. Equipment that you can use […]

3 Workout Tips to Get Toned Legs Fast

Long woman legs isolated on white

3 Workout Tips to Get Toned Legs Fast   If you're like most women, you want to get toned legs fast so you can look great in that little black dress or those cute new denim shorts, especially this time of year when it's warm out. Well here are a few simple steps to get […]