Lose That Cankle Once and For All

Before women watched the movie “Shallow Hal,” many of us wondered if there was a name for those so-called thick ankle. We’ve heard the terms for other not-so-lean areas of our bodies such as muffin top, chicken wing, and love handle, but what about those chunky ankle? Women have tried countless ways to hide their […]

Outdoor Fitness: Nature as Your Gym

As the weather gets warmer outside we begin preparing for the summer. With this comes unpacking of your summer attire, such as that bikini or shorts. We also become less motivated to go workout at a fitness club because of the beautiful weather outside. So, rather than abandon your fitness routine altogether, why not take […]

5 Tips to a Beach Body

Are you dreading putting on that bathing suit or shorts this summer season? Are you ready for a foxy beach body? Summer is just right around the corner, so follow these fitness tips to get a killer beach ready body before it’s too late! 1. Try interval training. Instead of super long marathon cardio sessions, […]