7 Simple Tips To Better Sleep

Find it challenging to get to sleep at night? If there’s one thing I don’t skimp on it’s definitely SLEEP! Sleep makes me feel like a million bucks giving me all-day energy, leaving me feeling focused and motivated, as well as making it easier to make healthy choices throughout the day. Unfortunately, trouble sleeping is […]

Client Spotlight: Elaine Sumner

Fox Fitness is only as successful as our clients! That’s one reason why I give a spotlight to the Foxy ladies who have committed to living a healthier lifestyle through our program. This month we want to congratulate Elaine. Elaine recently took part in our 6-week ROCK YOUR JEANS CHALLENGE. Her dedication to the challenge led to […]

How to Eat Pizza and Stay Fit

If I had to pick three foods to live off I honestly think they would be pizza, tacos, and chocolate. And that is any type of chocolate…candies, cookies, ice cream, fudge, you name it! No joke! I know I’m a fitness trainer and I’m supposed to love spinach, broccoli, and chicken breasts, right? Well actually […]

Color Me Rad Tampa 5K Recap

Disclosure: As part of the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I will receive run entries plus compensation for my promotion of Color Me Rad. Ok, so I must admit, I’ve ran many races in my day but NEVER a color run. I was always intrigued and love how races are no longer about just running, but really making them […]

5 Reasons Food Pisses Me Off (And What I Do About It)

Becky Fox Fitness

Do you get pissed at food? I know I do and here’s why… I get pissed because I eat gluten free, and well eating gluten free is difficult. I have to turn down bread when I’m eating out. And my go to quick and easy, eat in the car, drive through sandwich is no longer […]

Is It Time to Breakup?

Ditch the Scale FoxFitness.com

I thought I could make it work… I’ve had this on and off relationship over the years. And one day I woke up and finally realized I was being lied to. That just one little word from his mouth could ruin my day or make me feel worthless. This relationship just wasn’t going to work! […]

The Biggest Dieting Mistake I Ever Made

Mistakes Fox Fitness

When I was younger, I always equated dieting with a healthy lifestyle. I thought diet foods were health foods. I thought it was healthy to restrict my calories or severely limit food groups. I thought feeling deprived and hungry were normal and the way it had to be in order to be fit and healthy. […]