Is It Time to Breakup?

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Ditch the Scale

I thought I could make it work…

I’ve had this on and off relationship over the years. And one day I woke up and finally realized I was being lied to. That just one little word from his mouth could ruin my day or make me feel worthless.

This relationship just wasn’t going to work! If I was ever going to feel good about how I looked and how I felt, I had to end this damaging relationship. And so I did. I kicked him to the curb.

Who was he?

“He” was my scale. His first name Weight and last name Scale.

And I kicked him to the curb!!

The truth is scales generally do more harm then good and today I want to encourage you to throw away your scale. Not hide it or put it in the closet until later, but to throw it away completely.

Dump it. Smash it. Break it. Yell at it if you have to!!

I did and I couldn’t be happier. I feel freer and no longer am at the effect of a number! I actually haven’t used my scale in months, and I’m not even sure what I weight right now. And, I didn’t just break up with my scale, I threw it away. Why?

Scales are psychologically damaging.

Scales can often leave you feeling worthless and like a failure. They can even ruin your entire day and allow negative thoughts to creep in. You work so hard to exercise and eat better and the next thing you know you’ve actually gained a pound, so you think, “Why not just give up at this point?”

These negatives thoughts and emotions are very discouraging and can kill your motivation, even when you’re working hard to choose healthier foods or exercise more. So rather than giving yourself a pat on the back for working so hard and creating healthy habits, you step on the scale, and instead start talking negatively to yourself. You may tell yourself that you’re a failure and that all your efforts were a waste of time. It may even lead you to give up.

Does any of that sound familiar? It does to me and to many others so you’re not alone!

Scales are misleading.

Weight loss is not always the same as fat loss. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard clients complain that the scale hasn’t budged. They then worry what they’re doing is wrong or that maybe they should just give up.

So I usually ask, “How are your clothes fitting?”

Many times they respond with, “Well they are fitting loser”.

Well here’s the real scoop: If your clothes are fitting loser then you are losing fat, no matter what the stupid scale says. Scales don’t only measure fat, but also fluctuations in water retention, muscle mass, and other non-bodyfat related things like that.

Let me give you an example.

One time I gained 8 pounds after eating a treat meal. It was a Five Guys Cheeseburger and some Fries. I think I had a soda too. Yes it was calorie high, but do you really think I gained 8 pounds of fat that quickly? That’s around 28,000 calories! It’s just not possible! And NO I didn’t gain 8 pounds of fat.

What really happened is that my body was just overloaded with sodium and so it held onto water. Within a few days I was back to my original weight. So in the long rain I gained 0 pounds, but I could have easily let that 8 lbs get to me and make me feel miserable.

This is an extreme example, I know, but it shows you the huge impact that just ONE little meal can have on our scale number. Our bodies just do crazy things like that and the scale is not a good measure of your real progress, and can actually stand in your way of any progress.

Instead focus on how you feel, how your clothes fit, and just taking care of yourself with healthy food and exercise.

Allow yourself to focus on how you really feel, feelings of being strong or energetic, rather than letting a scale tell you how you should feel.

And as a result you’ll feel amazing and lose fat as a natural side effect of focusing your attention on just making healthy choices.

So, who’s going to break up with their scale too?



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