Fox of the Month – Todd Gerringer

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Fox of the Month – Todd Gerringer

I have some of the most awesome clients ever! It's true, and because of that I want to share with you some of their fantastic success stories. So each month I'll be picking someone to spotlight and this month it's Todd Gerringer!! Way to go Todd (your trainer is proud)!

Todd has lost 22 lbs since starting with Get Foxy Boot Camp and the online Get Foxy Fit Club over 2 months ago! Can't you tell the amazing difference in his face above??!! If not you may want to consider a new pair of eyeglasses…But, anyway, Todd's clothes are looser, he has more energy, and just feels all around better. And to top it all off Todd used to have regular headaches which now are a rare occasion!

Todd works hard. He kicks butt in each class and makes a huge effort to eat clean (well except the occasional cheat meal which is OK and necessary to avoid going completely insane) by gathering different ideas and recipes online and through Clean Eating Magazine. And the most awesome thing is that his wife, Courtney Gerringer, is his partner in all this so they work as a team to push each other to be successful losing weight! I know that support can go a long way and it's been fun watching both of them transform.

Be sure to check out his testimony here:

So I asked Todd, "What are the major changes that lead to your 22 pound weight loss (besides going from not working out at all to attending boot camp 4 days a week)?" He had some great tips to share:

1. Log what you eat with a food journal.  By using a food journal, Todd has become more aware of what he's eating which can make a HUGE difference on the waistline. To learn more about food journaling check out this past blog on How to Keep a Food Journal for Weight Loss.

2. Cut out added sugars. Sugars are empty calories and can really hinder your weight loss goals. And not to mention sugars are rather addictive, so having just a little can make you want more or even cause you to binge. And Todd may kill me for this, but he's just like me, SWEET TOOTH galore and stopping at one cookie…Yeah right!! So by making an effort to cut sugar out of your diet you can make quick progress toward your weight loss goals.

3. Just make healthier food choices. Sometimes just small changes can go a long way toward weight loss success. Todd incorporate's small changes into his day to cut extra calories, fats, and sugars such as ordering a side of vegetables or fruit rather than a side of French fries when eating out. Those evil calories can add up VERY quickly and  so by swapping a few unhealthy items for healthier choices you can cut out those extra calories that are making you fatter!

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