Are You Ready To Fit Into Smaller Clothes, Feel More Confident About Your Body, and Take Control Of Your Health?

About Becky Fox FitnessHey there! I'm Becky Fox, creator of Foxy Bodies Online, and also known as the Foxy Body Coach.

If you're reading this right now, that means one thing:

You're ready to finally burn fat and keep it off for good so you can feel confident and comfortable in your body.

You've tried multiple diets and workout programs, and you've likely even gotten some decent results; however, chances are you haven't been able to keep the weight off for good. When stress hits or life gets hectic you tend to run out of willpower and fall off the wagon and get off track. You give into cravings, live a more sedentary lifestyle, and wonder why nothing ever seems to stick.

You may even feel drained, embarrassed, and oftentimes hopeless.

But the truth is it's not your fault. Many diet and fitness programs today set you up for failure. They're not designed to give you long term results or long term health. They're not designed to fit into your lifestyle nor do they consider your life circumstances or situations. And it's frustrating and confusing!

I know how you feel. I've been there myself. I've tried everything to lose weight from diet foods, to severely restricting  my calories, to marathon cardio sessions. The end result was yo-yo-ing back and forth, gaining and losing the same 10-15 pounds over and over again.

It lead to feelings of guilt, shame, and embarrassment. I even started to think something was wrong with me. Why was it so difficult to lose the weight and keep it off?

The truth is there's something VERY wrong with most diet and fitness programs. And for long term, lasting results they just don't work.

And I wanted to do something about it! That's why I created Foxy Bodies Online.

I want you to finally:

  • Get the weight off and keep it off
  • Quit struggling everyday with food choices and instead enjoy tasty foods without all the guilt
  • To not just feel confident about your body, but feel confident you can finally get the body you desire
  • Start enjoying exercise and making it part of your life instead of something you HAVE to do or SHOULD do

This program is unlike any other you've tried before. And I'll tell you why below...

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Why Foxy Bodies Online Works

I noticed something VERY WRONG with most diet and fitness programs. Let me explain...



Foxy Bodies Online Succeeds Where Other Diet and Fitness Programs Fail

Foxy Bodies Online is an exclusive members only club that guides you in not just losing weight, but learning how to permanently keep the weight off by creating a healthy lifestyle that works for you and your circumstances. You won't feel overwhelmed and you'll also get the support and motivation you need to finally be successful.

So if you struggle with losing weight and keeping it off and you constantly battle with food, cravings, and finding the time to workout, this exclusive online club is for you!

If you struggle to stay on track and constantly feel like a failure when it comes to diet and exercise, you’ll find the support and guidance you need inside.

Foxy Bodies Solution #1: Build Better Habits That Stick

Foxy Bodies OnlineOnly 3% of the population is successful at permanently keeping the weight off. Their trick?

They've integrated healthier habits into their lives and they've made a permanent lifestyle change, not short term changes.

Wouldn't you rather keep the weight off FOR GOOD, rather than constantly struggling to lose the same weight over and over again?

Foxy Bodies Online will teach you how to create habits that stick so you can successfully keep the weight off in the long run, not just for a few weeks or a few months. You'll experience less guilt and frustration in reaching your goals. This is important because by eliminating the overwhelm of trying to do too much too soon, you can feel more free, happier, and have more energy for things that matter in your life.

Foxy Bodies Solution #2: Ultimate Support & Accountability

Foxy Bodies GroupOne of the most important components to success in any fitness or nutrition program is accountability. Knowing that someone is looking out for you and giving you that much needed push when you are struggling or don't feel like eating healthy or working out can make all the difference in the success of reaching your goals.

Foxy Bodies Online will give you the support, motivation, and accountability you need to be successful. You'll be added to the exclusive private members only Facebook group where you will get guidance from Foxy Body coaches as well as learn from and share your experiences and struggles with other like minded individuals on the same journey to reach their health and fitness goals.

Additionally, each month Becky will hold a live coaching call where you can get further guidance and ask any questions you have!

You won't be stuck relying on personal motivation, but rather gain inspiration from others just like you and get the guidance you need to be successful in reaching your goals.

Foxy Bodies Solution #3: Fit The Program to YOUR Lifestyle, Situation, and Circumstances

Woman in Sun HatEveryone is different. Your body is different, your goals are different, your personality is different, and your lifestyle are all different from everyone else. So what may work for another, may not work for you.

That's why most cookie cutter program just don't work. They don't take into consideration the most important piece, and that's YOU! And without considering your needs, lifestyle, or circumstances you're constantly trying to tailor your life to the program instead of letting the program fit your lifestyle. This only leads to constant struggle and essentially a no-win situation where results are short term and giving up often seems like the only option.

Foxy Bodies Online will equip you with the tools necessary to live a healthy lifestyle that works for you and your situation. Gone are the days of feeling overwhelmed or deprived on a weight loss program.

You'll discover how to create a healthy lifestyle that works for your life circumstances and situations, rather than trying to fit your life around some cookie cutter workout program or diet plan. This means no more feeling deprived, having to give up the foods you love, or spending hours doing workouts you don't enjoy.

What You'll Get Inside Foxy Bodies Online

Expect to not only fit into smaller clothes, but feel confident, empowered, and balanced again. You’ll learn to enjoy life and enjoy food without guilt and shame. Each month you'll get:

  • 2 New Fat Burning Metabolic Workouts
  • 4 Simple and Easy Clean Eating Recipes
  • Weekly Educational Videos to Guide You in Creating a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Exclusive Private Facebook Community for Support and Accountability
  • Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Becky that include live Q&A

You'll Also Receive These Bonuses

But wait, there's more. You'll also receive these bonuses for joining today!

  • The Complete Clean Eating Recipe Library
  • The Foxy Body Printable Shopping List
  • Comprehensive Video Library of Every Exercise Used in the Workouts
  • And Much, Much More!

What Are Others Saying?

Try Foxy Bodies Online Now For A Limited Time For Only $7 For 21 Days!

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**After 21 days you will be billed the introductory rate of $37/month, a $20 monthly savings, until you decide to cancel. That’s only $1.23/day to have a fitter, healthier and more energetic body. Cancel anytime with no hassle by sending an email to Cancellation will result in loss of special introductory rate if you choose to return and immediate removal from the program.

We're going to make the decision easy for you. If for any reason during the first 30 days after your purchase you aren't satisfied with your investment, you can simply cancel, no questions asked, and we'll refund your money. It's that simple. No hassle, no worries.

I know this program will be unlike any you've been a part of before. I care about your success and your results and I'm excited to share this program with you.

To Your Success,


P.S. Remember there is a 30 day, hassle free, 100% money back guarantee to experience weight loss the way it should be. Get started now!

P.P.S Still not sure if Foxy Bodies Online is right for you or have a question? The answer is probably below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for? +

This program is for women who:

  • Are ready to feel more confident in her body
  • Are ready to start enjoying food and life
  • Are tired of struggling with what to eat or finding time to workout
  • Could use motivation and guidance to put the missing pieces together so she can reach her goals
  • Truly wants to live a healthier life, forever, with ease and without giving up what’s important in her life
Who is this NOT for? +

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You're just looking for the latest weight loss fad or trend.
  • You're shopping for quick fix pills or formulas. This program requires working on your inner self and changing habits that don't serve you. It will take time and effort.
  • You're just looking for an off the shelf workout program and meal plan. This program will provide fitness and nutrition resources, but ultimately it's up to you to decide what's works for your own unique and specific lifestyle.
I have a lot of weight to lose, is this for me? +

Absolutely! This program is catered to individuals of all fitness levels, ages, and sizes. So whether you have 100 pounds to lose or 10, you will be given valuable tools to reach your goals in a way that works for you.

Will this program work in my busy schedule? +

Yes! This program is unlike any you’ve done before. It works for your busy schedule and your lifestyle. We’ll give you tools and resources to find ways to fit health into your daily life, and you decide what works for you and your schedule. Additionally, our approach is to take small steps, so you will never feel overwhelmed by trying to change all your habits at once. Instead, you will create a healthy lifestyle that works for you and that you feel confident about.

Am I going to have to spend a lot of extra money on gym memberships, workout equipment, or healthy food? +

Many of the workouts can be done at home with minimal equipment. No gym membership is required. You select where you want to workout and with our varied workout library you have the option to select the workouts that fit your fitness level, schedule, and available fitness equipment.

As for healthy food, sometimes it can be more costly, but there are often ways to eat healthy on a budget or to replace unhealthy food items with healthier choices at the same cost. Eating healthy is an investment in yourself and your body and our goal is to provide you with ideas to eat healthier without breaking the bank.

What if I sign up and this program just doesn't work for me? +

Then no worries! We have a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase within the first 30 days we will refund your money, all of it, and cancel any future monthly payments. No questions asked and no hassles. Simply send an email to

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