Kamagon Ball Review

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Kamagon Ball Review

There are so many pieces of equipment on the market today and so I realize how challenging it can be to know what to buy or not.

The main factor to consider when buying equipment is whether a piece of equipment is versatile and has many uses. Equipment that you can use for only one thing, such as crunches, is going to be very limiting in the long run and thus limit your workouts, so don’t get sucked into the latest fad infomercial product that will only tone one area of your body!!!

You need to be working YOUR ENTIRE BODY to lose fat and tone!

So instead look for equipment that you can do lots of things with to not only get variety but keep from getting bored.

That’s why I love the Kamagon Ball. You can work every muscle and even use it to add intensity to cardio drills. So it’ll tone your body and blast that fat.

Furthermore, what I like about the Kamagon Ball is

  • To change the weight you just add water, so as you advance you don’t have to buy new equipment.
  • It’s very durable so you can do fun exercises like throwing it on the ground.
  • Because the water moves around it works balance and core strength and also recruits more muscles so you end up working harder and burn more calories.

On the downside it can be a bit pricey and bulky to store, but if you have the budget and the space I would highly recommend it!

If you need ideas with the Kamagon Ball then be sure to check out this Kamagon Ball Workout.




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