Kamagon Ball Total Body Workout

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If you missed it, last week I reveiewed the Kamagon Ball. Overall, it’s a great piece of equipment that can add versatility and variety to your workouts. It also works more muscles and thus burns more calories. So here is a Kamagon Ball workout that will tone you from head to toe using this unique piece of equipment!

Equipment: Kamagon Ball, Gymboss Interval Timer

The Workout: Complete 3 rounds of the circuit below. Complete each exercise for 30 seconds doing as many reps as possible during that time. Allow 10 seconds to transition into the next exercise.

The Exercises:

  • Lunge & Twist
  • Burpee to OH Press
  • Side to Side Squat
  • Monkey
  • Slam Down
  • Frog Jump

Whew! I knew I was sweating! How about you?





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