Knoxville Transformation Challenge 2nd Place Winner Tami Loses 11 Pounds!

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So a few weeks back I showcases the first place winner of the Knoxville Transformation Challenge. Well now on to the second place winners!

Tami Manis came in for second place females! Way to go Tami!

Here is the interview with Tami:

BF: Why did you enter the challenge?

TM: Well, I was going to the gym anyway. I was in the middle of another “challenge” at Snap Fitness that ended before this one and thought this would be more motivation to “step it up a bit” and give me a goal to see what i could accomplish in 12 weeks.

BF: So tell me more about your exercise routine? How did you lose the weight?

TM: I knew I needed to change it up so Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday were cardio days. I used the cybex arc trainer for about 45min-1 hour depending upon my mood. Usually on Sunday, I did a little more and would work out for an hour to an hour and a half. Ultimately, my goal was to always burn at least 500-1000 calories per session.

On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I focused on weight training. On Saturday I did 1set (12-15reps) of lighter weight and 1set (5-7reps) of heavy weight. During the week since I didn’t have as much time I did lighter weight (12-20reps) on Tuesday and did heavy weight (5-7 reps) on Thursday.

BF: So tell me more about your diet for the challenge. What did you eat?

TM: Well I make my own Meal Replacement Patty (MRP). I eat one for breakfast,  another at 10 am, one at 12-1 pm, and another at 3-4 pm. For dinner I eat at my friend’s house and that’s my meat, potatoes, and veggies.  Finally, I have another MRP at 9 pm. I know they may be boring, but they are filling and taste good!

BF: Did you take any supplements? If so what did you take?

TM: Yes, I took a multivitamin, coq10, vitamin D, CLA, various thermongenics,  and drank LOTS of water, at least 120 ounces a day.

BF: So what was the most helpful during this challenge?

TM: Consistently working out, being aware of my food intake, and knowing my resting metabolic rate so I knew how much I could eat. Again drinking lots of water was important and trying to control stress—that was a killer! Also, I did a one day cleansing “fast” twice during the challenge. I made a drink of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper blended in water—it does not taste bad!  This was to “jump start” the ‘ol metabolism and take a little break from actual food. No loss of energy whatsoever!

BF: So what are your results? What changes did you make?

TM: I lost 11 pounds and decreased my bodyfat by 2.9%.

So great job to Tami! She did an outstanding job and hopefully can be an inspiration to you!



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