Knoxville Transformation Challenge Winner Walt Conway Loses 19 Pounds!

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In January, Fox Fitness along with the Health Shoppe launched a transformation challenge. Entrants had 12 weeks to shed the pounds and transform their bodies. Over the next 4 weeks I will showcase each of the top 4 finalists and give you their stories on how they dropped the weight and transformed their bodies to be more toned at fit.

First meet our overall male winner: Walt Conway

Walt before walt

Doesn’t he look great!?

Walt originally entered the challenge because,”It was a good incentive?and motivation to try to lose weight and get in shape?. I also knew I could get support?and encouragement from?Eddie, Becky and everyone involved in the challenge. I wanted to lose weight in order to be competitive in local triathlons and running events. I also wanted to improve my overall health.”

Walt started at 194 pounds and over the course of the 12 weeks not only lost 19 pounds to come out at 175 pounds, but also lost 3 inches on the waist and 2 on his chest. Amazing results and dedication!

So what did he do? Walt says, “That is a good question to which I do not have a short answer. I used no caffeine and no artificial sweeteners. No high fructose corn syrup at all. Also limit?all forms of fructose for that matter. ?I tried to cut down on gluten.? No fast food period. Avoid calorie dense food. In fact I prepare most of my food. Lots of grilled chicken, grass fed beef only,?apples and salads. I use a vitamix?a lot.?I juice or mix raw vegetables whenever possible. I try to never spike my insulin and its easy to spike it with smoothies so you have to not overload?them with fruit. With that said I? use bananas, berries and whey a lot.”


And this is what a healthy diet should be! Lots of whole, nutritious foods and limited processed foods and additives.

But it wasn’t just a healthy, clean diet that lead Walt to transform his body. Walt suggests, “Along with diet of course goes exercise. Seek the advice and assistance of a trainer whenever possible or you will injure yourself. The weather during this challenge was awful. Coldest winter in 20 years.?It made the challenge a challenge. However a typical workout for me is?14- 20? miles on my road bike followed with a 3-5 mile run. Lots of stretching in between or afterwards incorporating allot of yoga movements.

When I am too sore to run or ride or just don’t feel like working out I will walk. This is key to me. I feel like walking helps me to recover and it does burn calories. I cannot walk or run without?an Ipod. I also lift weights pretty much all the typical movements . I do not believe in using machines for your abs. I also am a big believer in good old fashioned push ups and pull ups.To change things up I will sometimes do the?300 workout, yoga, go swimming or mountain bike riding. Those four things are tough.”

Walt had a great routine. A mix of cardio, weights, stretching, and yoga helped Walt to drop the pounds. And take note he changed things up so never get stuck doing the same thing over and over again and get a trainer if you need one so you don’t injur yourself and so you can get the results you desire.

Although, Walt has come a long way he’s definitely not finished with his transformation. Walt plans to drop even 10 more pounds and compete in future triathlons, something he hasn’t done in 16 years.

What else would Walt like to add? “The only other thing I would add is to avoid toxins and also try to rid your body of built up toxins already?inside you. It is not an easy thing to do but it is necessary. If possible plant your own organic garden as well. Watch the movie “Food INC” and the YouTube 10 part video “The world according to Monsanto” Pass it on to everybody you know.”

Walt recommends watching this movie!

Walt’s motto is,

“When You Achieve Success Help Others Do The Same”

Walt wraps it up with, “I am grateful to Becky and Eddie and all the great sponsors for motivating me to do this.”

So what are your top steps to transforming your body?



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