5 Reasons Food Pisses Me Off (And What I Do About It)

Becky Fox Fitness

Do you get pissed at food? I know I do and here’s why… I get pissed because I eat gluten free, and well eating gluten free is difficult. I have to turn down bread when I’m eating out. And my go to quick and easy, eat in the car, drive through sandwich is no longer […]

Lessons from the Psychology of Strength Workshop


What holds you back when trying to reach your goals? It’s probably not what you think… Although, it’s easy to blame lack of progress or “falling off the wagon” on everyone and everything else, like your busy schedule, genetics, or that individual that’s constantly tempting you with unhealthy treats; the REAL truth is that more […]

Firm Up Every Inch FASTER With This ONE Workout Tip

how hard to workout

Recently a Foxy Bodies client asked me, “How hard should I workout? How do I know if what I’m doing is effective?” That’s a great question and I realize this can be challenging, especially when you’re working out at home or working out alone. Not to mention all the different messages about cardio you may […]

10 On The Go High Protein Snacks

on the go high protein snacks

I’m always on the go, so I like to have easy on the go high protein snacks handy at all times. If you’re used to grabbing a quick carby snack such as a granola bar, bag or chips or crackers, or just a piece of fruit, then chances are you may notice it doesn’t really […]

10 Ways to Do Jumping Jacks

10 Ways to Do Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are a fun way to get in some cardio and they can be done anywhere, anytime. So why not act like a kid again and take the day off from the gym, and instead do a fun jumping jack workout? Here are 10 ways different ways to do jumping jacks:

Is It Time to Breakup?

Ditch the Scale FoxFitness.com

I thought I could make it work… I’ve had this on and off relationship over the years. And one day I woke up and finally realized I was being lied to. That just one little word from his mouth could ruin my day or make me feel worthless. This relationship just wasn’t going to work! […]

Ditch the Gatorade: The Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water

Benefits of Coconut Water

If you’ve been drinking Gatorade to replenish and recover you may want to rethink your strategy. Gatorade is loaded with chemicals and additives and there is an alternative that is a much healthier and even tastier in my opinion: Coconut water! Coconut water has been shown to be as effective as commercial sports drinks and […]