The Real Deal on Egg Labels

the real deal on egg labels

There is a lot of confusion going around about eggs…Are eggs good for you or are eggs bad for you? Well according to research, eggs are actually GREAT for you. They are a complete protein packed with vitamins and healthy fats. And I don’t just mean the egg white, but the whole entire egg, including…

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Change Your Life With These Simple Stretches for Back Pain

Simple Stretches for Back Pain

Have you ever had back pain? Well if you haven’t, then there’s a good chance at some point in your life you will suffer from lower or upper back pain. I’m certainly no exclusion from this rule! I’ve had upper back pain that resulted from poor posture. Yeah I’ve been known to slouch over my…

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Are Eggs Bad for You? The Truth About Eggs

are eggs bad for you

Last week I had to grab a quick breakfast, so I stopped at Panera Bread. After checking the healthiest options online I determined the Turkey and Egg White Bowl was the healthiest option on the menu (and gluten free!) It was tasty, but lacking one of the most important elements… The egg yolk! Are Eggs…

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Sugar Free Hot Chocolate Recipe

hot chocolate recipe

I love hot chocolate. Unfortunately, nearly all store bought brands are loaded with sugar or loaded with chemicals. This homemade hot chocolate recipe doesn’t contain any added sugars and uses all natural, healthy ingredients so you can indulge without feeling guilty. Serves: 1 Ingredients: 1 cup vanilla milk, heated 5 scoops stevia 1 1/2 tbsp…

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Crunchless Ab Exercises for a Sexy, Flat Stomach

crunchless ab exercises

If you’re bored with your same old ab routine of crunches then be sure to try out these Crunchless Ab exercises. Not only will they tone your tummy, but you’ll also work your arms and legs. Working multiple muscles at the same time ups your calorie burn and saves you time during your workouts as…

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German Chocolate Cake Smoothie Recipe


German Chocolate Cake Smoothie Recipe What?! A healthy smoothie that tastes like dessert? Yup! This German Chocolate Cake Smoothie is loaded with protein, healthy fats, just the right amount of carbs, and antioxidants to leave you feeling full. It’s like you just ate a forbidden treat, without the guilt! Serves: 1 Ingredients: 1 cup unsweetened…

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Plyo Exercises For Maximum Calorie Burn

Plyo Exercises for Maximum Calorie Burn

Plyo Exercises For Maximum Calorie Burn Plyometric exercises, also known as plyo exercises or plyos, are a great way to burn more calories during your workouts. They spike your heart rate, maximize your calorie burn, and make you sweat. It’s a form of high intensity interval training that not only increases calorie burn during your…

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