3 Easy Ways to Prevent Aging and Constantly Get Mistaken for a Younger Woman

Prevent Aging Look Younger

This past weekend I turned 32. Yup, I am actually 32 years old!! And even though I’m now in my early 30′s, I don’t get the typical aches or pains that others in their early to mid 30’s have started to complain about. I don’t have any noticeable wrinkles. I’m full of energy and I…

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Two Emotional Eating Tips That Ben Didn’t Tell Jerry

emotional eating

Yesterday, I ate an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream. The whole thing. In one sitting. This is not the first time I’ve binged on a sweet treat like this, but it’s definitely something I don’t do as often as I used to. So here’s what happened. I was eating the ice cream.…

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Strengthen and Firm Your Body with this Workout from Ashley Drummonds

Ashley Drummonds

Hi, my name is Ashley Drummonds and my good friend Becky has allowed me to come as a guest blogger and provide all of you with some great exercises for women to strengthen and firm your beautiful body. I am the creator of Bikini Body Fat Burn and am known as the “strength” girl. Today…

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Healthy Chocolate Truffle Recipe

healthy chocolate truffle recipe

Mmm…chocolate… If you’re like me and tend to drool at the thought of chocolate then you’ll love this healthy chocolate truffle recipe. You don’t have to worry about unhealthy additives or overdosing on sugar. It also contains lots of healthy fats, so it’s a rather filling treat and only takes a few truffles to satisfy…

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3 Reasons to be Cooking with Coconut Oil You Didn’t Know About

Cooking with coconut oil

You’ve probably heard coconut oil is good for you, but do you really know why? Do you know why you should be cooking with coconut oil as opposed say olive oil? Find out why in this video: First, fats are healthy for you and coconut oil is a great way to get more healthy fats…

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Working Out is Hard Enough. Eat This to Stay Energized.

what to eat before a workout

Confused about what to eat before a workout? Should you have some carbs? Some protein? Eat right before your workout? Eat an hour before? What to do… In this video you’ll discover the truth about what to eat before a workout and you may be surprised by the answer. If you lack energy during your…

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Sexy Summer Arms Workout


If you’re looking for sexy, toned arms this summer then these 6 exercises are some of the best arm exercises for women. For this workout, pick a set of dumbbells to complete 10-15 reps of each exercise and feel the burn at the end of that rep range. You’ve got to use HEAVY weights to…

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