Summer Shape Up Workout

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Are you ready to shape up this summer?

If you want to look your best this summer it’s important to incorporate full body strength training exercises.

Strength training doesn’t just tone your body but it also boosts your metabolism so you burn more calories even at rest.

Give this full body Summer Shape Up Workout a try.

All you need is about 20 minutes and a set of dumbbells.

Complete 2-4 rounds based on your fitness level (2 for beginners and 4 for those who are more advanced).


Equipment: A set of dumbbells

The Workout: Complete 2-4 rounds of the following circuit:

  • Squat to Shoulder Press x 15
  • Bent Over Row x 15
  • Push-Ups x 15
  • Hi Knees  1:00
  • Plank Hold  :30

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