Super Bowl Snacks: Beer, Wings, or Veggies?!

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So who are you rooting for? The Colts or the Saints? Yes, it’s finally that time of year again… Super Bowl Sunday! Although, it can be an exciting day don’t let events like this completely sabotage your diet. Yeah I know beer and wings are so delicious, so I’m not going to tell you to deprive yourself, but I will give you some helpful hints. No matter which team you root for, choosing the right foods and drinks at social events and keeping portions under control can prevent weight gain, so root for yourself too! Try following these tips to avoid packing on the pounds when attending big events such as the Super Bowl.

Find healthy alternatives

One way to get around snacking on those hot wings and increasing your waistline is to choose healthier alternatives. For example, veggies and a light dip are a great low calorie option. Other ideas include healthy popcorn, pretzels, turkey burgers, low fat frozen yogurt, or fresh fruit. If you’re worried the party host or ballpark won’t have any healthy items, then make sure to bring your own.

Watch what you drink

Ok, we all know a favorite sport pastime is consuming alcoholic beverages; however, you can still have a good time and make choices that are much more agreeable for the waistline. Alcoholic drinks and sodas are loaded with calories, while alcohol also stimulates the urge to overeat. Instead opt for a low carb beverage or ultra-light beer. Also, try limiting the number or drinks you consume. Instead of having five drinks, opt for two and drink them slowly, or alternate between water and your alcoholic beverage of choice so you don’t drink as much.

Eat before you go

Eating a meal or filling snack before you head out to the game or party can be one of your best defenses. Doing so will help defeat the urge to overeat on wings or nachos and thus reduce the number of calories you put into your mouth.

Plan ahead

Since you know you will more likely be eating high calories for the game, then plan for it ahead of time. Choose to eat fewer calories and healthier meals on the days leading up to the game. Also, opt to exercise a little more on the days surrounding the game to burn off those extra calories.

Be Assertive

Just because someone offers you food, doesn’t mean you have to eat it. If you are not hungry then just say no. Don’t let yourself be pressured into eating or drinking something you don’t want.



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