Thinking About a Weighted Vest? Try Power Systems Infinity Vest

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So I recently tried out Power Systems Infinity Weighted Vest for my workouts. I wanted to see if it would give me an extra boost to take my workouts up a notch. So check out the workout first and then I’ll give you the juicy details:

So the results? {C}I absolutely noticed a difference! Since my legs grow quickly (literally, they look at a weight machine and start to grow), I usually don’t add much weight to my leg workouts and instead focus on exercises to tone such as plyometrics and high reps with little weight. I decided that adding this 6lb vest may add some extra weight to my leg workout without overdoing it or adding the extra bulk to my legs. So far I like the results. The vest definitely gives me that extra boost to work a little harder and really tone my legs without adding too much bulk.

Also, I noticed my heart rate got up a little higher and I did sweat more. Even that extra six pounds makes it harder to jump (such as when I did the lunge hops, burpees, and Bosu pop squats) so it gets your body working a little harder. This is great because it means you will burn more calories during your workouts!

So if you are considering adding a weighted vest to your workout I definitely recommend it. Wondering where to get it? You can always get your Power Systems Infinity Vest by clicking here! I know I’ll keep using this weighted vest in my workouts and may even try the next weight up in a few weeks!




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