Tricks for a Kid Healthy Halloween

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Tricks for a Kid Healthy Halloween

BXP35173A healthy Halloween, really, is that possible? I mean who wants to think about fruits and veggies on Halloween? It’s supposed to be the holiday filled with a bag of sugary treats and goodies…Mmm like Reese’s Cups. Oops, ok getting of track here with my chocolate addiction.

Anyhow, when I was a kid I loved Halloween. It is so much fun, but it can also be a nightmare for your child’s health and waistline. Sugary foods are a big contributor to childhood diabetes and obesity. With Halloween cookies, mini snickers bars, and jolly ranchers galore, kids load their trick or treat bags with sugar and fat. The good news is your kids can still enjoy their sugary treats without going overboard.

First, start by helping other kids in your neighborhood. Why not get creative and instead of purchasing candy and treats rather opt for some fun surprises such as stickers, school supplies, toys, or tattoos, all of which are calorie free and loads of fun.

Or if you just can’t get away from handing out some kind of treat, opt for healthier snacks instead. Some healthier Halloween treats include:

  • sugar free gum
  • raisins or other dried fruits
  • cheese and cracker packs
  • pretzels
  • popcorn (and no not the extra butter kind)
  • 100% juice boxes
  • trail mix
  • animal crackers
  • low sugar granola bars

Also, before your child heads out for the evening make sure they have eaten a good meal. This will keep them from binging on candy in their bags before they even make it back home. I do remember coming home one time on Halloween and almost feeling sick from eating so much candy! The king size candy bars my grandma gave me really didn’t help either. Anyhow, a full stomach will definitely go a long way for your child while they are out trick or treating.

Lastly, when your child brings home that giant sized bag of treats its a good idea to hide the bag so it’s out of site. That way your child is not constantly reminded of all the sweets (and hopefully after a few days will quit begging all the time for more candy!) Also, be sure to distribute the delicious contents over time so they are only getting a few pieces each day. That way they can have their treats without going overboard on the sugar.

So do you have any healthy Halloween suggestions? If so I’d love to hear them below!






  1. Tom Hackel says

    Kids love scratch and sniff stickers, find them in a big pack and give them out by the 1/2 sheet.

    A friend who was prof. asst. had me on the lookout for jumbo packs all the time….
    College students looked forward to them…..

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