Words of Weight Loss from Biggest Losers Tara Costa at the Knoxville Healthy Living Expo

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I had the pleasure of meeting season 7’s Biggest Loser contestant Tara Costa over the weekend at the Knoxville Healthy Living Expo. It’s always great to meet someone that has been successful in transforming their body and life. What better way to learn how to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle than someone who has already done it, and I was able to pick up some great tips for my readers (hey that’s you!) and my clients.

Biggest Loser Tara Cost and Becky Fox

Tara gave a great presentation on healthy eating, where we all got to try some healthy, but tasty, pizza and nachos. The key is to still eat the things you love just make some changes so they are a bit healthier. For instance, using a whole grain pita as your pizza crust, lowfat cheese, and tons of veggies you can cut out hundreds of calories in your pizza and you are getting all kinds of healthy protein, nutrients, and fiber!

What other great tips did Tara share?

  • Divide your snacks up into 100-150 calorie snack bags. These are great for on the go and will keep you from overeating. How many times have you grabbed a bag of chips and ate 2, 3, or even more servings? Yeah that can be a lot of calories for a snack and just add onto the waistline.
  • Always have snacks with you! Having food with you on the go will keep you from stopping for fast food, eating junk, or from skipping meals. You can throw fruit, veggies, nuts, or other quick snacks in your purse or bag so they are always there with you ready to be eaten.
  • This one I didn’t know and it sounds super tasty. You can use bananas in recipes instead of oil to cut out a lot of calories! This is great in muffins or pancakes. I’ll have to give it a try next time. Sounds tasty!


So remember you can still enjoy your food and eat healthy too. And although you all can’t go on the Biggest Loser, you can start taking steps at home to eat healthy foods and reach those weight loss goals. And as Tara Costa, “Your taste buds do change.” So get into the habit of eating healthy and before you know it you won’t crave all that junk and hopefully it won’t even taste good to you anymore!




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