21 Day Kickstart Workouts

Welcome to the 21-Day Foxy Body Kickstart Workout Plan! I’m excited to be working with you 😉

Your goal is to exercise for at least 20 minutes 4-6 days each week (yes you get at least one recovery day which is either a complete day off or a light day meant for walking, stretching, or light yoga to relax and allow the body to recover and repair).

Strength Training: 3 of those days will be the strength training workouts below. Pick the BEST day that works in your schedule to complete your workout. There is some flexibility as I realize everyone’s schedule is different so you pick the day and time of day that works best for you, put it on the calendar (yes make an appointment with yourself to do it!) and then post your #SweatySelfie in the Facebook Group to let us know you completed your workout for the day!

  • Workout #1: Total Body Ball and Dumbbell Workout is to be completed on Sun, Mon, or Tues
  • Workout #2: 100 Rep Workout Challenge is to be completed on Wed or Thurs
  • Workout #3: Feel the Burn 5 Minute Rounds is to be completed on Fri or Sat

Cardio: Choose 1-3 others days to complete cardio for 20-30 minutes. This is really anything to get that body moving and your heart rate up! Try walking, biking, running, the elliptical, dancing, running around with the kids playing a game, or any fun activity you enjoy! Read more about your cardio options here!

Recovery Day: Your body needs recovery too! That’s when your muscles repair so they can grow to be stronger. And well sometimes you’re just not going to be able to squeeze in a workout. Taking a day off or having a light day where you maybe walk, stretch, or do light yoga is part of this plan so make sure to take one day off each week.

Now for your workouts…


It’s important to start any workout with a warm-up. So be sure to include 5-10 minutes of light activity such as walking or other light cardio or follow along with this video:


Cool-Down and Stretch

Be sure to spend at least 5-10 minutes finishing your workout with a cool-down and stretch. It’s important to get the heart back down to resting before going on with your day as well as stretching those muscles to prevent injury and aid in recovery. Staying flexible improves posture and can also help reduce chronic pain. So don’t skimp this important component of any workout! Follow along with this quickie stretch or choose some of your favorite stretches to end your workout with!

Your Workouts

Workout #1: Total Body Ball and Dumbbell Workout

Click here to get the Total Body Dumbbell and Ball Workout Sheet

Workout #2: 100 Rep Workout Challenge

Click here to get the 100 Rep Workout Challenge Workout Sheet

Workout #3: Feel the Burn 5 Minute Rounds

Click here to get the  Feel The Burn 5 Minute Rounds Workout Sheet