4 Easy Ways to UnBored Your Veggies: How to Eat More Veggies

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4 Easy Ways to UnBored Your Veggies: How to Eat More Veggies

I’ll be honest. I am not a veggie fan. I almost have to force myself to eat them…and plain veggies forget it! However, I know the importance of veggies. Veggies are excellent for health and even for glowing skin. So they are a MUST in my diet and should be in yours.

So what’s my secret to eating them? Well I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make them MUCH tastier and a lot less boring:

Sneak them in. You don’t have to always have a side of veggies with your meals. You can easily throw them in all sorts of meals! I like to add veggies to soups, eggs, rice, and sauces. I even put extra veggies in my meatloaf , chili, and spaghetti sauce recipes. Grated carrots or zucchini are great in muffin or breads or to add on a sandwich wrap. Just be creative and throw extra veggies into as many recipes as you can.

Buy fresh. If you aren’t a big fan of the taste of veggies then be sure you are buying as fresh as possible. Fresh produce always has the most flavor. If you can buy local that’s the best because chances are it was picked in the last day or two rather than traveling on a truck cross country for the last week. The flavor will be ten times better!

Use a dip. Don’t like plain veggies? Try a healthy dip! This will add a lot of flavor to your veggies. Just make sure it’s a healthy dip. I personal love to use hummus but there are many other healthy dips you can make as well.

Spice them up. Instead of loading veggies with butter or cheese (which I used to do to add flavor, but it definitely added FAT to my belly so I had to stop!) try flavoring your veggies with some of your favorite spices. Slivered almonds can also be a tasty addition to many veggies. There are so many great choices such as salt, pepper, onion power, garlic powder, or red pepper flakes. I also love cooking them in or adding some coconut oil or olive oil.

What tips do you have to unbored your veggies?



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