42 Day Total Body Transformation Challenge

Welcome to the 42 Day Total Body Transformation Challenge I’m excited to have you on board this amazing journey to transform your body, life, and health.


Foxy Body Success Guide: Get started by reading the ENTIRE Foxy Body Success Guide and Complete the Habit Self Assessment on page 6. This will help guide you through the challenge and kickstart your nutrition.

Join our Facebook Group: The 42 Day Challenge Facebook Group for all things challenge related and for accountability postings.

Read and Print Your Nutrition Documents (see below)

Familiarize yourself with our Don’t Break the Chain Habit Goal. Write out 3-4 ideas of a habit you can focus on throughout the challenge. Utilize the Habit Self Assessment to see what areas you may need work on!

Get Your Food Journal Ready. To hold you accountable and to make sure you’re on the right track you will be logging your food in a food journal everyday. Each Monday turn in your food journal at the studio (and be sure to pick up your old one!).  Click here to download your food journal sheet.

Plan When You Will Workout and be sure to schedule them each week in the Mindbody app (details below!)

And most importantly have FUN 😉

Our program consists of 4 main components: Nutrition, Fitness, Coaching, and Accountability.


You can’t out train a bad diet. Making lifestyle changes to your eating plan is going to be essential to getting the results you desire.

To guide you along the way, I’ve created some resources for you..

Meal Plans:

Recipes Delicious and healthy meals designed to keep you on track without compromising taste!

Portion Control Guide Read more about how to use this guide by clicking here.

Grocery List Not sure what the best sources of protein or if corn falls under a veggie or a carb? Then be sure to download this list! This is more of an idea list so if you have specific questions be sure to ask 😉

Food Journal Use this to track what you eat each day. It’s important to fill it out completely so your coach can provide the best feedback.

42 Day Challenge Cheat Sheet

42 Day Challenge Point Tracker


2015-09-21 06.02.13-1Being consistent with your workouts is necessary to get the results you desire! Plan to attend 3-4 sessions each week to get the most out of this program (otherwise you’ll be hearing from your coach 😉

Make sure you are scheduling your workout sessions so we can best be prepared for each workout.

Schedule your training sessions by:

***Please be on time and you MUST schedule/cancel workout sessions to be respectful of other members and our coaches. Plan to arrive 5 minutes before your training session. If you are 5 minutes late you will not be permitted to workout as it’s disruptive to other members and missing the warm-up could lead to injury.


We will be checking in on you throughout the challenge…it may be a simple email, in the Facebook group, or a call/text from your coach. It’s important to respond to the emails, calls, as well as be active in the Facebook Group. You2015-12-23 06.12.18 truly get out of this what you put into it!

Accountability measures include:

  1. Turning in your daily food log mentioned above.
  2. Sharing in the Facebook group your “Weekly Wins” each Saturday.
  3. Completing all assignments including your Goals Worksheet and Nutrition Habit Assessment.
  4. Ask questions as needed! We are here for you 😉 Post questions in the Facebook Group anytime or simply shoot us an email or text.

So that’s it. Remember you get out of this what you put into it. We are here to help and guide you; however, it’s up to you to put in the work, seek help when you need it, and always try to take one step closer to your goal each day. I’m excited what the future has in store for you as well as seeing your amazing transformation!

Your Coach,

Becky Fox