5 Top Tips for Easy Meal Prep

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5 Top Tips for Easy Meal Prep

Eating healthy can be difficult but by planning ahead and finding short cuts to meal prep it doesn’t have to be as difficult or time consuming! My top tips for easy meal prep include:

1. Plan your meals for the week.

Think ahead! Plan for leftovers when possible (especially for your lunch the next day if you’re not going to be home) and cook in bulk whenever you can. There’s no need to cook a bunch of meals everyday, so cook extras whenever you can.

A great tool I love the is theย  Paprika App for my Iphone, Ipad, and Mac. It allows me to always have all my recipes handy and so I can plan all my meals for the week. It even has a meal planner option and allows you to make a grocery list from that!

2. Make a grocery list and go buy everything you need for the entire week.

Now that you know what you’re going to eat for the week save some time by avoiding frequent trips to the grocery store. It may seem convenient to swing by the grocery store a few times a week,ย  but in reality it takes a lot of time to drive to the store, walk around the store to pick up everything, checkout, haul your bags in the house, and unpack everything.

You’re better off spending that time cooking healthy food or working out!

3. Cook and prepare foods ahead of time whenever you can, especially for those days when you may end up getting home late or don’t have as much time to cook.

There are many foods that you can cook ahead of time such as chicken to throw on salads or on a sandwich, boiled eggs for a quick snack, or sweet potatoes or rice for a quick side dish.

Get creative and prepare your favorites ahead of time.

4. Cut up veggies and fruits at the beginning of the week.

Having veggies, fruits, and seasonings ready for meals will save you a lot of time. Foods you need for various recipes will be ready when it’s time to cook. You’ll also save time on clean up since you’ll only have to do it once instead a week instead of a few times.

I always have onions, peppers, shredded carrots, zucchini and other veggies precut to throw into eggs or salads. I also cut up bananas to freeze for smoothies.

5. Premeasure and package foods and snacks to have handy.

It’s always a good idea to have some snacks handy whenever you’re in a pinch or need a quick snack.

Having small bags of premeasured nuts is a great idea and are handy to throw them in your purse so they’re available whenever you need a quick snack (like when you get stuck in traffic). I also like to have premade bags of veggies and hummus or homemade protein bars cut up and put into bags ready for a quick snack or a for something to grab and go.

So what is your top time saving meal prep tip?





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