8 Week Foxy Body Challenge Nutrition

Welcome to the 8-Week Foxy Body Challenge! Get ready to transform your body, life, and health over the next 8-Weeks…

Step 1: Watch The Welcome Video

Step 2: Fill out the Health Form & Waiver, Goals Sheet, and be sure to add becky@foxfitness.com to your email contacts so you don’t miss any of our important messages.

Step 3: Get Your Starting Measurements.

Tracking progress is so important. And scales aren’t always the best way to track your progress. Actually they can be very misleading (read more about why here). So stick to weighing no more than once a week. We’ll also be tracking our progress with measurements, pictures, and by selecting your favorite tight outfit so see how much better it fits over time.

CLICK HERE to get started tracking your progress. Your initial measurements are due by Friday, August 19th.

Step 4: Read and Download your Foxy Body Challenge Nutrition Documents

Below you can access all the challenge documents including your nutrition plan!

Stop calorie counting! This Portion Control Guide is a super easy way to stay on track throughout the day. You can also read more about how to use it here.

Step 3: Access your Month 1 Workouts here!

**Post your points sheets weekly by TUESDAY in the Facebook Group or by emailing to support@foxfitness.com.

**We’ll also have daily food journal and a #FoxyBody #SweatySelfie workout photo accountability so be sure to look for and post in the daily Facebook thread. You can also email support@foxfitness.com on Monday of each week 😉


28-Day Meal Guide and Recipe Guide

If you find that having a little more structure works better for you then here is a 28 Day Meal Plan with a recipe guide you can follow. Simply repeat to finish out the challenge!

Click below to download the weekly guide and grocery list for the 28-Day Meal Plan:

RECIPE GUIDE: Click here to Download the companion Recipe Guide.

Another great way to get custom meal plans by clicking here and joining RealPlans.com. 😉

I’m looking forward to seeing your amazing transformation!

~ Becky Fox