Cut out Soda for Maximum Fat Loss

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Are you addicted to your daily can, or two, or three cans of Coke, Mountain Dew, or other soda?

Are you also someone that complains about your bulging belly or cottage cheese thighs?

Well then quit drinking that sugary soda!

Seriously…It may not seem like a big deal but you’d be amazed at how much sugar is in a soft drink and how fast it turns to FAT in your body. Soda has no nutritional value, no fiber, no vitamins, no protein, and is empty calories that just make you fat. If you don’t believe me then just watch this soda commercial now being shown in New York City:

Did you see that?! One can of soda a day can make you 10 pounds fatter in a year! And if you’re drinking more than that each day then well…you’re getting even fatter!  Totally gross I know!

And soda isn’t the only culprit for added sugar in our daily diets. Added sugars can be found in a lot of daily foods including the obvious ice cream, cookies, candy, and not so obvious raisins, protein bars, yogurt, juice, pasta sauce, cereal, and more. It’s everywhere!

According to the USDA, we should be getting no more than 12 teaspoons (or 48 grams) of added sugars a day based on a 2200 calorie/day diet. That’s the same as 12 sugar cubes.

Now look at the photos below. You might be getting more than your daily sugar limit in just ONE soda. That’s not even including your other indulges for the day! Yeah big time whoa!



So if you already haven’t made the leap to cutting sugar out of your diet I’m going to highly recommend you start now! Begin with simple steps such as replacing sodas with water, sweet treats with fruit, or sugar cereals with whole grain cereal or oatmeal. Trust me your waistline won’t be disappointed!

So what are your thoughts on sugar? Are you going to take the challenge and start cutting it out of your diet?




  1. says

    Yeah hopefully gross and motivating! Feel free to share this on facebook by hitting the facebook button above! Great way to share articles 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Brad says

    I cut out sugary drinks three years ago, but am now evaluating the effects of diet soda, which I have been drinking. I usually drink 3 diet sodas per day, and about 10 cups of water. Do you think I would benefit from cutting out these diet sodas altogether?

  3. Bonnie Harlow says

    Amen. Soda, which unfortunately has become a daily staple of the average American diet. As I sat at a food establishment the other day which had a fill your own drink soda fountain, i was shocked at the supersized cups that were being filled and refilled not only my adults, but by kids. We do not drink soda in our home, nor out to eat. It is water with meals, skim milk w/ breakfast and an occasional orange juice. We have Crystal lite lemonade for between meals drink. But I really push water. Save those calories for your food intake. Don’t drink your calories and work hard to decrease sugar intake.

  4. says

    Brad, that’s great that you cut out sugary drinks, but I would also suggest cutting back on the diet sodas also. Although they are calorie free, research has shown it causes you to eat more and does not aid in weight loss. Why? Because your body thinks it’s getting something sweet (carbs) and thus gets ready for it, and then when there really are no carbs your body wants to get those carbs, so it craves them and you are likely to eat more.

    Also, there are many known negative side effects to artificial sweeteners and sodas in general have a lot of other chemicals and preservatives which are harmful to our bodies. So i would say Get Rid of Them!! Stick with that water, lowfat milk, or 100% Juice.


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