This Is How We Roll: Foam Rolling Basics

Foam rolling has so many benefits including reducing stress and tension, preventing injuries, relaxing your body, allowing you to get more out of your workouts, improve your posture, increase your energy and more.

Foam rolling, like exercise and eating right, should be a regular part of your routine to maintain a fit, healthy body. I recommend spending at least 5-10 minutes each day rolling or stretching tight muscles to be your best.

Check out this video for some great foam rolling basics to get you started!


0:00 Benefits of Foam Rolling

1:00 How Foam Rolling Helped Kill My Knee Pain

2:23 Rolling Your back

3:56 Opening Your Chest

6:10 Rolling Your Sides & Lats

8:55 Rolling Your Quads

12:50 Rolling Your Inner Thighs

14:40 Rolling Your Glutes

16:30 Rolling Your Hamstrings

18:35 Rolling Your Calves

21:30 Conclusion