Foxy ACE of Hearts Team Trains to Cross the Finish Line

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I’m excited to announce that I am the American Council on Exercise (ACE) Ambassador for the Women’s Running Series 5K in St. Petersburg coming up November 24th.

So what exactly does this mean?

It means, as an ACE certified fitness trainer, I’ve been given the awesome opportunity to form a team of ladies that will represent ACE and will train and complete this upcoming 5K. Finishing a 5k is quite the accomplishment and can be overwhelming for many women. I’m super proud of the ladies taking steps to accomplish their goals!


The purpose of the group is to provide support, encouragement, and proper training information so these women can safety and proudly cross the finish line.

Right now we have a team of 6 ladies. Our team consists of Tricia McAllister, Alison Trado, Karla Delisse, Laura Santiago, Christine Zinge, and Alexandrina Brittny.

These ladies definitely deserve an applause for the steps and hard work they are putting into training and leading healthier lives!The coolest part is that all these women have such varied and different backgrounds. Some have participated in races before while others haven’t. Some currently workout, while others are just getting started.

For instance, Alison knew in 2010 when she moved to Florida that she wanted to learn how to run a 5K. She knew this group would give her the support and encouragement to make her goal a reality while also making some new friends in the process. This opportunity came at the perfect time for Alison to finally make her goal a reality.

Sometimes it can be tough to stay on track with a healthy lifestyle. You get busy, life gets in the way and you just never get around to it.

Tricia likes to have some type of event to work towards. It keeps her motivated and on track as well as gives her something to look forward to. 5k events are a great way to do just that!

Furthermore, I really feel the most important component is the accountability, friendships, and bonds that develop when preparing for an event with other women.

Laura, who also recently moved to the area, knows the importance of making friends that would promote a healthy lifestyle and that’s why she jumped on the opportunity to be part of the Foxy ACE of Hearts Team. She looking forward to the support this group will provide to decrease her 5k time.

Support is one of the biggest factors in reaching your goals and it’s so important to be around others who have similar health and fitness goals.

At first, Karla thought this would be a great opportunity to be more active and continue on her journey to reaching her overall fitness goals, but she also quickly realized that being a part of a team would bring even more accountability and encourage her to keep reaching toward her goals.

So as you can see, this group is not just about completing a race. It’s not about seeing how fast you can run or walk the race. Rather, it’s about taking steps to be healthier, to find ways to encourage others to to be healthier, and to cross finish lines everyday. Some days that just includes miles.

Be sure to stay tuned as I’ll be posting more about our journey and pictures of our smiling faces as we cross the finish line!

And we looking for more ladies to join us if you are in the area and want to be a part of the group! Feel free to leave a comment below if so.

So what finish line do you plan to cross? Leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.




  1. Erica says

    I would love to run a 5k and maybe a half-marathon eventually. Did the Color Me Rad 5k back in April, but mostly walked it and ended up with a headache the rest of the day. need stamina! where and when do you meet?


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