Foxy Body Exercise Library

Warm Up Routine


Alternating Lunges

Band Bicep Curl

Band Cross Rows

Band Glute Kickback

Band In/Out Bicep Curl

Band Row

Band Row – Anchored

Band Row and Squat

Band Step and Press

Band Upright Row

Bicep Curl to Overhead Shoulder Press

Bird Dog


Chest Fly on Floor

Chest Press on Floor


Double Crunch

Dumbbell Front Shoulder Raise

Dumbbell Shoulder Side Raise

Dumbbell Row

Front Side Shoulder Raise

Glute Hamstring Bridge

Goblet Squat

Goblet Squat to Overhead Press

Kettlebell Swing

Lunge Hops

Mountain Climber


Plank Row

Pop Squat

Pullover to Curl Up


Reverse Fly

Russian Side Twist

Side Step & Skater Hop

Side Plank

Side to Side Plank

Single Leg Balance Reach

Skater Hop & Side Step

Spiderman Plank


Squat Jump

Squat to Calf Raise


Tricep Kickback

Tuck Jump

V-Sit and Press

Wall Ball Squat

Wide Squat