Foxy Body Fitness Assessment

Tracking your progress is very important. Sometimes the scale doesn’t budge but you may lose inches and notice your clothes fit looser…And this is EXACTLY what you want and means you’re shedding fat and making progress!

It’s important to not just use weight as a measure but also to take measurements and before and after photos to get the WHOLE STORY on your progress and really see the difference.

Step 1: Take a Before Photo

Lynne CollageA great way to track your progress is with photos. I suggest taking photos regularly so you can actually see your progress and results. You may not notice the changes yourself but the camera may be able to tell you something else!

What you’ll need: A camera

Assignment: Take pictures before you start your program so you have something to compare future pictures to. Ideally, you’ll wear the least amount of clothes so you can see your body. Ladies, a bikini or sports bra and shorts is a great option. If you have someone to help take your shots, shoot for least 3 photos: A front, side, and a rear shot so you can see yourself at all the different angles. If not a selfie will do also.

Do this every 4 weeks and you’ll have a visual of your transformation.

Step 2: Use the Clothes-O-Meter

Fox Fitness Drop A Dress Size ChallengeThe clothes-o-meter is a fun way to track your progress.

Grab an outfit out of the back of your closet that’s a bit too tight, such as a pair of jeans that you have a hard time zipping up or a dress you haven’t worn in years.

Throughout the challenge try your outfit on to notice how much better it fits!

Step 3: Take Body Measurements

Taking your body measurements is a great way to track your progress. Sometimes the scale won’t budge, which can be frustrating, but if you are losing inches then you are losing fat and there’s no need to get frustrated!

To take measurements:

  • Measure your chest, waist, and hips. Feel free to add more measurements but at least get these basics in.
  • Measure in the same place each time and it also helps to have the same person measure you each time if you can. Also be sure to measure the same leg each time.
  • Wear the same clothes each time since, for example, going from a tight pair of shorts to a baggy pair of sweatpants may add inches to your hips and thigh.

If you have access to bodyfat testing, definitely go for it. It’s also a great way to track your progress and an interesting number to find out. Many gyms or fitness facilities can test your bodyfat, so just ask.

What you’ll need: A tape measure

Assignment: Take your measurements as outlined below.

Chest: Measure at the nipple line.


 Waist: Measure your waist at your belly button.


Hips: Measure at the widest part of the hips.



Step 4: Step on the Scale

Woman Stepping onto ScaleWeigh yourself each week. It’s ok to weigh more than that, but don’t weigh more than once a day. Weight can fluctuate throughout the day or even throughout the week so don’t get too caught up in the scale or let it ruin your day! Focus on creating new habits and how your clothes feel 😉

Remember, I use ALL of these methods to track progress for a reason. If the scale doesn’t budge, but you have a smaller waist then don’t worry. You are heading in the right direction!