My Gluten Free for Life Experiment

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Back in 2012 I underwent an experiment to cut gluten out of my diet. I had no particular reason to other than I was just trying to learn more about celiac disease. One of my clients had celiac, and as a Tampa personal trainer and nutrition coach,  I wanted to make sure I  understood which foods would be problematic.

Well it turns out within the first week I instantly felt so much better…less bloated, more energy, and even my mood was noticeably better. You can even see the drastic difference in this image below and yes the only change was cutting out wheat and gluten:

Becky Fox Fitness Tampa Personal Trainer

I really didn’t expect such a drastic difference so I was certainly surprised myself!

After this experiment, I continued to learn more about the effects of gluten and found out that most people actually have an allergy to gluten in some form or another whether you may notice physical symptoms or not.

You see wheat isn’t the same as it used to be back in ancient times. It’s been crossbred, tweaked, and manipulated to the point that it barely resembles original, ancient wheat any longer.

The result? Our bodies don’t know what do with it!

This often leads to bloating, digestive distress, acne, fatigue, brain fog, and many other unpleasant side effects.

When I  eat gluten I notice my energy levels drop dramatically, I feel bloated, and my skin breaks out, so these days I avoid it. It’s just not worth feeling this way or what it’s doing to my body.

Since I eat gluten free, I’ve definitely had to experiment with some gluten free options over the years. I must say many of the gluten free options today have come A LONG way in recent years. They are tasty and a great alternative to gluten containing products. And it’s great, because even though I eat clean most of the time, I’m still human and definitely want to enjoy a chocolate chip cookie every now and then without the negative side effects.

So if you live near Tampa and you’d love to learn more about living/going gluten free I invite you to join me for the Gluten-Free for Life Expo held in St. Petersburg on March 28th.

It’s a great way to learn about living gluten free and it’s a great way to meet individuals in the community that advocate and promote the gluten free lifestyle.

I hope to see you there!

Gluten-Free for Life Expo

GlutenFreeForLifeWhen: March 28th, 2015 from 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Where: The St Pete Coliseum, 535 Fourth Avenue N, St Petersburg, FL

Cost: $10 and kids under 12 are free

What: A Gluten-Free Day Filled with Food, Education and Fun Hosted by the Gluten-Free in Florida Support Group



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