Knoxville Transformation Challenge 2nd Place Winner Mitchell Loses 12% Bodyfat!

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Alright so we are finally to the final contestant in the Knoxville Transformation Challenge! Mitchell lost 12% bodyfat! That is a super accomplishment.

Here is the interview with Mitchell:

BF:  Why did you enter the transformation challenge?

MT: My mom told me about the challenge and decided she was going to enter it.  She wanted me to do it with her so I did.  I was looking for some sort of motivation to drop weight. I actually started about a week before I entered the challenge.

BF: What results have you seen? How much weight did you lose?

MT: My starting weight was 207.4 at the beginning of the year.  For the challenge, my starting weight was 200.2.  At the end of the challenge my weight was 160.4. Currently my weight is 150.4.  For the challenge, I lost 6.75″ from my waist and 4.75″ from my hips. I also lost 11.9% bodyfat according to my scale during the challenge going from 34.7% to 22.8%.

BF: Wow! What a great accomplishment! How did you go about losing weight?

MT: I changed my eating habits drastically and started doing a lot of cardio.

BF: Describe your exercise program

MT: For the majority of the challenge all I did was run.  I started off slow going a mile or two a day about 5 days a week.  After a week or so I began increasing speed and distance.  I currently run about 5k a day at least 5-6 days a week.  About a month before the end of the challenge, I added weight lifting to my routine before the cardio mostly doing light weight/high rep exercises.  This helped me to burn more calories during cardio and tone up some.

BF: You mentioned you changed your eating habits drastically. What exactly did you do?

MT: First thing I stopped eating was fast food, and I stopped drinking soda.  My diet consists of mainly meat and vegetables.  Lots of chicken breast, turkey breast, and eggs.  Occasionally a lean steak or some 93/7 ground beef.  Lots of greens; mostly spinach, green beans, and broccoli.  I eat a lot of healthy fats mostly using olive oil for cooking, but I eat nuts such as almonds and walnuts, and have recently started eating avocado.  I try to limit my carb intake to early in the day, and all my breads are wheat or multigrain.  Food prep is also important.  The grill was my best friend during the challenge.

BF: Did you take any Supplements?

MT: I take NOW brand ADAM men’s multi vitamins.  I also take Lipodrene, which was suggested by my mom.  It really does a good job of helping control my appetite.

BF: Anything else that helped you to transform?

MT: Patience and will.  Once I started seeing a change on the scale and the mirror, it made it all the more worth it.

BF: How do you feel now that you have transformed your body?

MT: I feel fantastic! I don’t  know that I have ever truly felt as good as I do now.  I know I’ve never looked as good as I do now.

BF: What are your future fitness goals?

MT: I’m now .4 lbs away from my weight goal, but I’m trying to put on some more muscle now. I want to see the veins in my arms stick out!

BF: Anything else you would like to add or anything you learned you would like to share with readers?

MT: It took me some time to get used to my routine.  After I stuck to it for a while, I almost felt bad when I had a craving for something sweet or for a cheat like pizza or something.  But I realized I could make my own variation of what I wanted and it would be much healthier than buying something processed and pre-made.  I found it was better to be on the strict side of dieting even if it meant I couldn’t have something that I wanted.  It really pays off in the end!

Do you have an inspiring weight loss story? If so share it below!



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