Lower Body Workouts

Work Your Booty Circuit

Equipment: Kettlebell or Dumbbell
Complete the following circuit as many times as you can in 20 minutes.
  • Wide Squat x 10
  • Plank Row x 10
  • Chest Press with Glute Hold x 10
  • Kettlebell Swing x 20
  • Alt Lunge Presses x 20

Toned Tush Tabata

For this workout be sure to utilize a interval timer app such as Gymboss or Seconds.
You will do the two exercises back to back in a Tabata format.
Perform each exercise for 20 seconds, giving it all you got,
followed by a 10 second rest between each exercise.

Complete a total of 4 rounds.

Equipment: Heavy Kettlebell or Dumbbell

Tabata A: Kettlebell Swing + Alternating Step Back Deadlift

Tabata B: Lunge Pass Thru + Wide Squat Hi Pull

Tabata C: Glute Bridge + V Sit Bicycle Reaches


Bootylicious Workout

Complete 3-4 rounds of the workout below depending on your fitness level.

– Wide Squat x 15
-Wide Squat Pulses x 15
-Hip Extension x 15 on each side
– Lunge Hops or Lunges x 20
– Skater Hops x 20
– Glute Band Kickback x 15 on each side

Booty Blast Workout

Get the printable Booty Blast Workout here.

Nifty 50

Get the printable Nifty 50 Workout here.

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