Member Spotlight: Dolly Duffy

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After months or years of not working out, it can be very challenging to get back into a routine. Where do you even start? Well, this fall we launched our first Beginner Bootcamp and this spotlight goes to one of our first participants… Dolly Duffy!

“I decided to participate in the Beginner Bootcamp, because I have a bad back. I had been working with a physical therapist for four months, but realized that after struggling with back problems for three years, the only thing that would really help is to get stronger.”

Beginner Bootcamp is a 4-week jump start program, limited to eight women per class. The program is designed to not just get you moving, but to really teach you proper form. It is great for women who haven’t worked out recently, who may have to work around some injuries, or for someone who is just looking for some more private instruction to kickstart their fitness journey.

dolly-nov-18-8-50-27-amDolly knew that she needed to get stronger, but also that she needed some guidance and support when it came to working out.

“I tried to work out on my own at the gym, but I ended up hurting myself even more. I couldn’t find anyone to show me how to use the equipment or properly do an exercise. I was doing more danger than good! I wanted to find someone who really knew what they were doing and could really help me do the exercises the right way, so that I could get stronger and help my back”

Starting a new program can be scary, because you don’t exactly know what to expect.

“I was worried that when I joined Beginner Bootcamp that the same thing would happen that happened at the gym. I wouldn’t be able to do the exercises or I would do them wrong and hurt my back.”

But, here at Fox Fitness we are here for you. When you first start Beginner Bootcamp, we assess your fitness level and learn about your goals. By doing so, we can provide support to help you reach your goals. The small classes allow for more individual attention to customize specific exercises and ensure that you have proper form.

“I LOVED small group for two reasons. Number one reason was the personal attention that I received. The coaches really had my back (literally!). They paid attention to every move I made to make sure that I was doing the exercise properly. Second, was the other members! I really enjoyed getting to know the other girls and making new friends.”

Dolly Duffy Beginner Bootcamp

Over the four weeks of Beginner Bootcamp Dolly not only noticed that her clothes were fitting better, but she had more energy, her back was feeling better and she was stronger! PLUS, she lost 3 inches in just 4 weeks.

We are thrilled that after completing Beginner Bootcamp Dolly was prepared and ready to join our Team Training classes. Like many people, she admitted that she was nervous for her first team training class.

“The biggest difference is that the large group is much more challenging, but that is a good thing! You want to continually be challenged.”

Despite her initial nervousness of joining the Team Training classes, she continues to get stronger and excel at Fox Fitness.

“The coaches are my favorite part of Fox Fitness! Their confidence in me, keeps me motivated. I feel more confident doing these workouts and exercises, because I am confident in the trainers. They are caring, knowledgeable, and professional.”

Well we are proud of you Dolly! 🙂

Want to transform and kickstart your journey like Dolly did?

Our next Beginner Bootcamp launches on February 13th and space is limited! Be sure to APPLY HERE  if you’re ready to take back your fitness in a non-intimidating environment and supportive environment!



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