Member Spotlight: Karen Swann

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One of the biggest challenges in creating a fit lifestyle is routine.

A great routine can make being fit simple and its just one reason why members like Karen love Fox Fitness – our programs create an environment that makes fitness fun, where you look forward to your workouts.

Karen Swann

Karen Swann, the winner of our New Year’s Revolution Challenge, not only made an amazing transformation during the 6-Week challenge but she understands first-hand how moving can interrupt a fitness routine.

Karen and her family recently moved from Rhode Island to Tampa. Before moving, she took control of her fitness and had reached a personal weight goal (145 lbs.) and was feeling trim and fit.

She had a great exercise and nutrition routine, despite taking care of her four children and husband, and working as a physical therapist in a skilled nursing facility.

Nothing in life is permanent, though. When she and her husband moved their family to Florida she lost her momentum. She was away from her family (while closer to his), a stay-at-home mom, and really had no support group for fitness.

She lost her routine and the weight started to creep back on…

At first, she biked her kids to school but that gradually shifted to driving them. And her diet, which had been under control… well, she says it best when she says,

“It’s easy to just grab a cookie here and there; before you know it, it’s seems like an everyday thing. I gained 25 pounds and I knew I needed to do something different. I knew I needed to be held accountable. Up north, you’ve got the winter to hide the extra weight with coats and sweaters, but here? You have maybe two weeks’ worth! I had done MyFitnessPal before but knew I needed more. My New Year’s Resolution was to lose the extra 25 but I didn’t have a plan.”

My friend, Lisa Milne, told me about the New Year’s Revolution Challenge and it sounded right. I wanted to lose weight, but I also wanted to get toned and back to what I had before and I knew this could get me there.”

Karen knew she had to do something different. That support and accountability was going to make the difference to get her back on track.

For six weeks, Karen took part in the New Year Challenge. If you’ve never tried a challenge, it’s a lot like personal training in a group setting. There is weekly accountability for exercise and nutrition, in addition to the awesome motivating and fun workouts with like-minded women. It’s really everything you need to reach your goals.

Karen made great strides. Her long-term goal is to lose 25 pounds and she was almost halfway there after just six weeks. She lost 11 pounds during the challenge!!

Karen Swann

But truly, transformation goes beyond the scale. Karen’s other goal was to get more toned. And you measure that in lowered bodyfat and inches lost.

Karen was able to bring her body fat measurement down 2.9%!

She lost 1.5” in the chest, 3.5” in her stomach, and 1.25” in her hips.

This bears repeating: 3.5” in her stomach!!!

That’s 6.25 inches overall!!

Wow! That is quite the accomplishment!

This kind of progress really motivates Karen to keep it up.

“It’s a great group of ladies, it’s a great source of motivation, and I really feel like my fitness has improved dramatically. I decided to stay on as a regular and come three times a week. I like the routine and the knowledge that Becky and Johanne share with us.”

With four children under 11 and her “5th adult child” as she so affectionately refers to her husband, it’s easy to put her needs on the back-burner, as so many moms do. But with Fox Fitness there to help her stay on track, Karen is ready to tackle her next set of goals.

“After having four kids, everything stretched a little. So I want to get more toned, continue down to 145, and do a pull-up. I want to be healthier in every aspect. I need to avoid the Fro-Yo more; I have a sweet tooth. Salty is not my thing, but anything sweet is a challenge. I plan on getting a full physical soon, check my cholesterol and other levels, and be healthy so I can enjoy being an older mother.”

In addition to working out at Fox Fitness, Karen has started weight-training at the Y while her eldest daughter swims. She is going to focus on being more active throughout the day.

No doubt, Karen is going to set a new and improved routine and keep hitting her goals. It might not be easy, but with the right routine and support it will be easier.

If Karen’s story inspired you and you’re looking for the accountability, support, and motivation to get some amazing results like Karen our next Transformation Challenge starts on April 24th. We’d love to have you join us!

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