How to Eat Pizza and Stay Fit

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If I had to pick three foods to live off I honestly think they would be pizza, tacos, and chocolate. And that is any type of chocolate…candies, cookies, ice cream, fudge, you name it!

Pizza, Tacos, ChocolateNo joke!

I know I’m a fitness trainer and I’m supposed to love spinach, broccoli, and chicken breasts, right?

Well actually I do like those foods too, well except the broccoli, which is really only tolerable when I chop it up in little pieces and mix it in something like broccoli and cheese soup.

So no, I would NOT say I absolutely love those foods. Like you, there are many times I would rather be chopping on stuff that isn’t so healthy.

Just because I’m a fitness trainer doesn’t mean I have some magical taste buds, although that would be a cool superpower…

Yep, I’m Human Too

The reality is, I’m human just like you. I want sweets. I want oozy cheese covered pizza. And I want salty, crunchy stuff like tacos…oh yeah with cheese on it too.

I’m no different than you! I crave certain foods and sometimes have a hard time saying no to foods I know aren’t exactly the healthiest for me.

But you know what…that’s ok! I still enjoy these foods occasionally.

See trying to be super strict and giving up the foods you love just to lose a few pounds only sets you up for failure. It often leads to all out binging, guilt, frustration, and feelings of deprivation.

I get it…I actually ate an entire bag of Oreo’s after my first fitness competition. I was so deprived and hungry I simply couldn’t resist. And that unfortunately wasn’t the end of my binging behavior.

My eating over the next few months actually caused me to gain 20 lbs (5 more than where I started). UGH!!!

Moderation is For Real

So instead practice moderation. I know you’ve heard it before, but is it something you’re really doing?

Do you actually allow yourself to have treats on occasion in small amounts?

Or do you say what the hell most of the time and just do what you want?

Or do you do the complete opposite where you feel like you can never have anything unhealthy at all and if you do you feel totally guilty?

Stop Torturing Yourself and Do This Instead

If so here’s a simple plan to follow:

  • Rocco's Tacos Becky FoxAllow yourself to have a treat meal once a week as well as a day off once a week too (ok not a complete binge day off…but a day where you’re eating plan may not be as on point as usual and yes you can splurge A LITTLE). Going out with friends? That’s a good time for your treat meal. Enjoy it! Have that Sangria guilt free and enjoy good food and friends.
  • Have a small 100-150 treat everyday. A small piece of candy or a few french fries. Just enough to get that taste that you crave without going overboard.

That’s how I keep my sanity and a lot of my clients do too. It’s a big part of why our nutrition plan at Fox Fitness actually works!!

This way you can eat healthy 85-90% of the time, and those little cheats are enjoyable and leave you feeling guilt free, while still allowing you to get the results you desire.

So what are your top 3 foods you can’t live without?

Where could you be doing a better job of practicing moderation?

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