Pyramid Workout with Fox of the Month Todd Gerringer

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Pyramid Workout

This Pyramid workout of the week may not incorporate a lot of exercises, but it does incorporate a lot of reps which will definitely get your heart rate pumping so you can burn a lot of calories. So be sure to check out this pyramid workout, where Todd Gerringer, the Fox of the Month, will demonstrate the exercises!

The Workout:

Complete the ladder below for a total of 80 reps of each exercise. Start by completing 5 reps of each exercise, then 10 reps of each exercise, then 15 reps of each exercise, moving up the ladder to 20 reps and then back down the ladder to 5 reps. You must complete all reps before moving onto the next exercise.

The ladder will look like this: 5 reps – 10 reps – 15 reps – 20 reps – 15 reps – 10 reps – 5 reps

The Exercises:

  • Floppy Burpee
  • Double Crunch
  • Push Up
  • Plank V-Jump
  • Squat Jump

Now for an extra challenge time yourself doing this workout and complete it again in 4 weeks to see how much quicker you can do it!




    • Becky says

      So far it’s going good! I’ve had a few slip ups but trying to stay on track for the most part. I’ll be taking measurements and posting progress later this week as it’s been a month!!

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