Change Your Life With These Simple Stretches for Back Pain

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Have you ever had back pain?

Well if you haven’t, then there’s a good chance at some point in your life you will suffer from lower or upper back pain.

I’m certainly no exclusion from this rule! I’ve had upper back pain that resulted from poor posture.

Yeah I’ve been known to slouch over my desk. It looks something like this:

Stretches for Back Pain

Now my so not shy boyfriend, Tony, is so kind remind me to sit up straight when he catches me hunched over my desk. EEK! It feels like being caught sneaking into the cookie jar. But I do appreciate the helpful reminder and am instantly frustrated at my lack of awareness in my posture, especially knowing that if I don’t straighten up, my back is going to start hurting again!

When you get wrapped up in working I know it can easy to forget all those things you’ve learned about sitting upright and keeping your abs tight and blah blah blah.

BUT DON’T NEGLECT THE IMPORTANCE of good posture, especially when you sit at a desk for 8, 9, 10, or more hours per day!

My personal result of poor posture has been frequent upper back pain that is now going away thanks to some stretching, awareness, and my super awesome massage therapist, Nelson. Now I’m only 31 years old, so I can only imagine what another 30 years would do to me if I didn’t make some changes!

In this post I want to share with you some simple stretches for back pain. Not only will these  stretches help reduce pain from poor posture, but it will leave you feeling more energetic, reduce stress, and increase your flexibility.

Heck you can even do them right at your desk! Could it be any easier?!

Furthermore, doing these stretches frequently throughout the day creates a good time to take a break and remind yourself about your posture. I suggest setting a timer every hour or two to remind yourself to get up, stretch, take some deep breaths, and once again pay attention to your posture.

Besides, we aren’t meant to sit all day, so it does a body good to get up and move around frequently, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

Watch this video for a demonstration of the stretches:

Your homework assignment: Start incorporating these stretches into your daily routine and then leave a comment below letting me know your plan to do just that!



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