Top Ten Workout Songs to Make You Sweat

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Ok, so as a requested I've come up with a list of the top ten workout songs to make you sweat. These will get you motivated to work hard, burn those calories, and shape up! I love listening to music when I work out. It's so motivating and it makes me work out soo much harder. So if you're not working out to music already I suggest that you start now So how did I come up with this list? All I did was pol by facebook fans to see what their favorite songs are! Many mentioned the same songs and well some I really like to so that's how they made the list. So be sure to add these upbeat songs to your I-pod so you can be PUMPED UP during your next workout. And finally here are the results. And be sure to check out my Facebook FanPage here if you haven’t already so you can be included in the next poll just like this!

  1. Fort Minor ? Remember the Name
  2. Linkin Park ? One Step Closer
  3. Survivor ? Eye of the Tiger
  4. 3 Doors Down ? Kryptonite
  5. Disturbed ? Indestructible
  6. Finger Eleven ? Paralyzer
  7. Kenny Loggins ? Danger Zone
  8. Fergie ? Fergalicious
  9. 3 Days Grace ? Animal I Have Become
  10. Michael Jackson – Thriller


What are your favorite songs to workout to?