What inspires you to be fit and healthy?

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What Inspires You to Be Fit and Healthy?

Last year, a 100 year old man, Fuaja Sing, finished a marathon. He may have finished in last place and it may have took him eight hours but the key is he finished the race, and this wasn’t even his first one! After losing his wife, Singh put his heart into running. He was motivated to live a healthy life, to break a record, and he did! 

Betty Lou Sweeny made a new world record for the longest plank hold.  Not only did she hold the plank for 37 minutes but she’s also 71 years old.  Two years ago she was overweight and almost died of a kidney infection.

What an inspiration people like these are!

So let me ask you…What inspires you to be fit and healthy?

If you’re not sure I want you to think about it, because knowing what will inspire you to make changes in your life will also motivate you to be successful. It’s important to surround yourself with inspiring people and things that will lift you up, push you to challenge yourself, and encourage you to never give up!

  • Maybe your inspiration is a person or an athlete.
  • Or it’s doing something others thought was impossible. Maybe you want to prove them wrong.
  • Or it’s setting a record (even if that’s a personal record).
  • Or maybe the doctor told you your future wasn’t looking too bright.
  • Or it’s your kids or family who you want to live a long healthy life and set an example for.

Whatever that may be I want you to find your inspiration that will motivate you and push you to be your best!

And go ahead write it down or cut out a picture to remind you and inspire you to be fit and healthy.

Keep it close.

Put it on the wall or fridge as a reminder so whenever you feel like skipping the gym or sabotaging your diet you will be reminded of who inspires you to make your best fitness achievements!




  1. Todd Gerringer says

    What inspires me? Being able to live a doctor/illness free life with my wife and not have the historical problems that run on both sides of my family. I also see my 40's around the corner and I want to enter my 40's in the best shape I've ever been in so I can enjoy life and live longer.

  2. Stephanie boozer says

    My inspiration is my two children, my dream is to feel comfortable and sexy in my bikini again plus be healthy and feel good about ME

  3. says

    It inspires me to see and hear of all types of people overcoming all types of obstacles in order to improve their fitness. I'm inspired by the type of dedication that comes from a parent working a full time job, going back to school, and living a fitness lifestyle.

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