What Is Intermittent Fasting?

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Maybe you’ve heard about intermittent fasting and wondered what it is?

Maybe you want to give it a try but not sure how to start or you’re worried it will ruin your metabolism…

Well I’m here to tell you that intermittent fasting is a super EASY way to burn more fat without having to do ANYTHING! And it WILL not ruin your metabolism. Actually, intermittent fasting will not only help you to burn more fat, but it will also help cleanse your body. See by going long periods without eating our bodies get a break and get a chance to digest and detox. It’s actually good for us.

So you may wonder why you’ve been told to eat OFTEN and eat FIRST thing when you wake up? Well the truth is because this is what food companies want you to think. Of course they want you waking up and eating their cereals and breakfast foods and then eating every 3-4 hours so you’re constantly stuffing your face (and probably gaining weight too!).

If you haven’t tried intermittent fasting I suggest you give it a try. You may be surprised at your results.

Be sure to watch this video to learn a little more about how you can get started and why!



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