Why You Should Exercise Less!

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Exercise less? Oh I must be crazy!

It’s true! A lot of time is wasted working out that doesn’t need to be. Whether it’s taking too long of a break between sets or just working at an intensity that’s too low for maximum calorie burn. Instead, why not burn more calories in less time?

It’s all about QUALITY over QUANTITY!

The biggest benefit is that it will save you time so you have time for other things (such as preparing healthy food or spending time with your family).

So a few things you can do to get more done in less time:

  1. Circuit workouts to get done faster and burn more calories. Move right from one exercise to the next and limit your breaks! This will also keep that heart rate up giving you that cardio effect even while just doing weight training.
  2. Compound movements. Combine movements together so you’re working more muscles all at the same time and so you can get through your workouts much quicker.
  3. Pick up the pace with cardio to burn same amount of calories in less time and will burn more calories post workout. Instead of doing cardio for an hour, why not go for 30 minutes but work much harder or start incorporating interval training into your workouts? This way you can burn close to the same amount of calories and you’re even likely to burn more calories post workout (EPOC). Sounds like a winner to me!

So are you already incorporating any of these techniques into your workouts?



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