Working Out is Hard Enough. Eat This to Stay Energized.

what to eat before a workout

Confused about what to eat before a workout? Should you have some carbs? Some protein? Eat right before your workout? Eat an hour before? What to do… In this video you’ll discover the truth about what to eat before a workout and you may be surprised by the answer. If you lack energy during your…

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Sexy Summer Arms Workout


If you’re looking for sexy, toned arms this summer then these 6 exercises are some of the best arm exercises for women. For this workout, pick a set of dumbbells to complete 10-15 reps of each exercise and feel the burn at the end of that rep range. You’ve got to use HEAVY weights to…

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Why Am I Not Losing Weight?

Why Am I Not Losing Weight

You’re working hard… Doing all the “right” things… Eating right… Exercising… And yet the scale won’t budge and you’re screaming, “Why Am I Not Losing Weight?!” What the heck could be going wrong? Well before I get into the nitty gritty, I want to remind you that the scale is NOT the best way to…

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Top 3 Tricks To Get Fit and Stop Dieting for Good (It’s not what you think it is!)

mindset - changehowyouthink

I was recently asked an awesome question… “I think a lot of weight loss goals are mental, especially with “dieting”. Got any tips on how to overcome mental obstacles to achieve a healthier lifestyle instead of just “dieting”?” Now, I don’t believe in dieting but rather making healthy lifestyle changes. Dieting can lead to feelings…

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29 Reasons To Workout Today

29 Reasons to Workout

1. You’re not going to get a hot booty by sitting around on it all day. 2. Because you’re tired of looking at your skinny clothes in the closet (or trying to squeeze into clothes that are just to tight!). 3. You really don’t want to go up another size do you? 4. So you’re…

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Save Time With These On The Go Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance Band Exercises

How often do you make excuses that you’re too busy to workout? I hear it all the time. It’s one of the most common excuses in the book. But the truth is we’re all busy.  But by making exercise a priority you will FIND the time. Just like you find the time to watch your…

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The Real Deal on Egg Labels

the real deal on egg labels

There is a lot of confusion going around about eggs…Are eggs good for you or are eggs bad for you? Well according to research, eggs are actually GREAT for you. They are a complete protein packed with vitamins and healthy fats. And I don’t just mean the egg white, but the whole entire egg, including…

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