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    About Becky Fox

    Learn about Becky’s journey as she struggled to drop unwanted pounds and lead a healthier life. Learn how she overcame it and now uses what she learned to help hundreds of women just like you!

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Yup that’s me. Before I started taking my health serious, my weight fluctuated between 5 and 20 pounds more than I liked. The cause? Trying unhealthy diets that wrecked my metabolism, too much exercise, too much sugar, and overloading my body on stress. I lacked energy and my skin was acne prone.

Now I enjoy a lean and fit body, more confidence, an elevated mood, lots of energy, clear and healthy looking skin, and optimal health. I enjoy all these benefits, while spending less time exercising and eating whole, nutritious meals that are tasty and satisfying!

Becky Fox Owner of Fox Fitness and Fitness Model

Here’s What Other People Are Saying About Fox Fitness!

Kimberly Start

“Becky gave me the best tools and nutrition plan possible. On her 7 Day Foxy Body Program I lost 6 lbs and 5.5 inches total. This program helped me overcome a plateau I had been stuck in for way to long. Now I feel sexier and more confident in a bikini.”

Natasha Start

I joined Becky’s fitness and nutrition program because I needed something that would hold me accountable. That was a big part of this program for me. In just the first 7 days I lose 4 lbs and 7 inches. Becky helped me to get in the BEST shape of my life so I can be a role model for my daughter.

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I’m so excited with my results! And look my back fat is gone! When I got married and had a family, I started focusing on everyone but me. I knew it was time to start paying attention to my health and I wanted to be bikini ready for my upcoming vacation. After participating in the 7 Day Foxy Body Program, I lost 7 lbs and 5 inches. I once again had the energy to play with my son instead of watching him from the sidelines!

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