29 Reasons To Workout Today

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1. You’re not going to get a hot booty by sitting around on it all day.

2. Because you’re tired of looking at your skinny clothes in the closet (or trying to squeeze into clothes that are just to tight!).

3. You really don’t want to go up another size do you?

4. So you’re no longer the “fat” friend.

5. Because you’re excuses won’t get you a foxy body.

6. Because you’re tired of looking at that icky muffin top.

7. So you can feel confident when you walk in the room.

8. So you can feel sexy when you have sex.

9. And have more, better SEX!

10. You’ll sleep better.

11. You’ll have more energy and won’t be in a crappy mood so often.

12. To feel accomplished.Fox Fitness Bikini Body

13. So you can go into the store and buy any clothes you want!

14. Or choose to not wear anything at all and feel good about it.

15. So you can walk down the beach in your bikini and feel like a total hottie.

16. Because you’re creating a better, healthier you!

17. So you can walk up a flight of stairs without feeling out of breath.

18. It’s a great way to relieve stress.

19. You’ll look younger and age better and I’d choose that over a facelift any day!

20. You won’t regret it afterward.

21. So your arms will stop flapping in the wind.

22. So you can live a better life, not just a longer one.

23. If you don’t workout today you’re just going to get fatter and sicker.

24. So you can finally take that after picture and be proud of it.

25. So you can love your body again.

26. Because you can (and others aren’t so lucky).

27. Because talking about exercising doesn’t burn calories.

28. It’s time to start taking care of YOU!

29. And because you owe it to YOURSELF to workout today!

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