Kamagon Ball Ab Workout

kamagon ball ab workout

A few weeks ago I reviewed the Kamagon Ball and even had a Kamagon Total Body Workout for you.  This is a GREAT piece of equipment that will maximize your calorie burn during your workouts, and it will also work MORE muscles. Yes! It hits some tiny stabilizers because of the water that moves around […]

The 15 Minute Workout

15 minute workout

No time to workout? Then try this 15 minute workout! We all have days were we’re extremely busy and sometimes squeezing in a workout can be tough. This 15 minute workout is a challenging workout that burns maximum calories and can easily be incorporated into anyone’s busy schedule! Equipment: None/Bodyweight The Workout: Complete this circuit […]

The 55 Workout

the 55 Workouts

It can happen…your schedule is just too busy to hit the gym or for a full blown workout. Well that’s where the 55 workout comes in handy! This workout is easy (it only involves 2 exercises), can be done anywhere, and only takes a few minutes of your time. So save this 55 workout for […]

The Foxy Body Playground Workout

Playground Workout

Summertime is a great time to workout outdoors! If you have kids chances are you’ll be hanging out with them at the playground. Instead of sitting at the sidelines twiddling your thumbs, why not get your workout in with this Foxy Body Playground Workout? Heck, even if you don’t have kids you can still sneak […]

Kamagon Ball Total Body Workout

kamagon ball

If you missed it, last week I reveiewed the Kamagon Ball. Overall, it’s a great piece of equipment that can add versatility and variety to your workouts. It also works more muscles and thus burns more calories. So here is a Kamagon Ball workout that will tone you from head to toe using this unique […]

Swiss Ball Leg Workout

Swiss Ball Leg Workout

Last week we worked that tummy with a Swiss Ball Ab Workout and this week we are going to shape and tone those legs with this Swiss Ball Leg Workout. So enjoy! 😉 The Workout: Complete 3-4 rounds of the circuit below. Complete 15 reps of each exercise before moving right into the next one. […]

18 Minute Swiss Ball Ab Workout

Swiss Ball Ab Workout

I love swiss balls (or resistaballs, or giant balls full of air, or whatever you want to call it!) They are great because they are inexpensive, but really because they are so versatile. When a piece of equipment only has one use I suggest RUN SCREAMING! You’re better off putting your dollars into something that […]