5 Easy Ways to Reduce Belly Fat

5 Ways to Reduce Belly Fat

5 easy ways to reduce belly fat A guest post by Anna Miller   What is the best reason you could think of to lose belly fat? It’s unsightly, isn’t it?   That’s not all. Belly fat or excessive amount of fat stored in the abdominal area is more than just unsightly, and it is […]

Five Best Fitness Iphone Apps

Nike+ App

When it came to getting a smart phone that actually supported apps, I was a late bloomer. It took me until a little over a year ago to finally purchase an Iphone. Mostly because my old phone broke and well I needed to replace it. I knew that it was going to make keeping up […]

7 ways to avoid exercise injury

Backpain - sportswoman in pain

7 ways to avoid exercise injury A guest post By Annie Minkins You love to run, right? Or maybe it’s lifting weights or swimming that get your body moving. Whatever it is, there is some activity that your body loves to do. No matter what, you need to be careful to protect yourself so that […]

Lose Weight By Using A Bike Trainer Correctly

Today's post comes Ron Fritzke. Ron is passionate about bike riding so today he wanted to share with you a way to lose weight with a bike trainer! Keep reading to find out more… You don't have to be on the path to weight loss very long to find out that there are many ways […]

5 Ways You Can Benefit from a Personal Trainer

Ever wonder why you should work with a personal trainer? Today’s post is contributed by Vanessa Jones who outlines some of the reasons hiring a personal trainer may just be in your best interest if you want to reach your fitness goals! People often hesitate at the idea of getting a personal trainer. They may […]

3 Stretches to Maintain Proper Posture

You may already know that stretching is important to maintain flexibility but did you know that it can also help with your posture? Proper posture can help reduce back pain as well as make you look taler and leaner! If you have a job that keeps you sitting at a desk all day, chances are […]