Budget Fitness: Get Fit For Less

Are you looking to get fit for less? Getting fit doesn’t always have to be super costly and expensive. It can be nice to have a state of the art gym membership, or top of the line fitness equipment, but unfortunately it doesn’t always fit into everyone’s budget, nor is it even necessary to get […]

Vacation Fitness: Healthy Eating and Staying Fit While Gone Away

Vacation Fitness: Staying Fit While Gone Away When you go on vacation it can be easy to fall out of you regular exercise routine and altogether stop healthy eating habits. Vacation fitness can be tough, and I wouldn’t expect you to get up every morning and partake in a hard core workout or eat perfectly […]

Lose That Cankle Once and For All

Before women watched the movie “Shallow Hal,” many of us wondered if there was a name for those so-called thick ankle. We’ve heard the terms for other not-so-lean areas of our bodies such as muffin top, chicken wing, and love handle, but what about those chunky ankle? Women have tried countless ways to hide their […]