Client Spotlight: Christine Scobee

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It’s that time again.. Time for another Client Spotlight!

A few weeks ago we wrapped up our second 6-week Rock Your Jeans Challenge here at Fox Fitness Tampa.

We had 40 awesome women join the challenge this time around and they all rocked it! But, one really stood out. Our week one & overall winner- Christine!

Before the challenge Christine was not very active. Her job in payroll requires her to sit at a desk for 10 hours a day!

“I just started getting back into working out—just running. When I saw the challenge on Facebook I thought it would be a good fit”

Christine tackled this challenge head on and not only earned the most points, but also attended more classes than anyone else in the challenge!

“The best part of the challenge was the classes. I came to all of the classes, because I knew that would be the best way to get results. It’s great to have someone watching what you are doing and help correct your form. Working out as a group also provides more support than if you were working out by yourself.”

Through healthy eating and consistently attending group training, Christine had great results. During the six-week challenge Christine lost 5 pounds and almost 5 inches.

“I learned that it isn’t just about the scale, but also the inches. My clothes are loose. I feel better. I am waking up before my alarm clock, and I’m no longer always tired. I’m also stronger. When I first started, I could barely hold a plank. Now I can hold a plank for 45 seconds.”

Christine couldn’t have done it without her outstanding support system.

“My son and boyfriend have been very supportive. They hold be accountable and check my daily food logs to help keep me on track”


Her coworkers also helped her stay focused at work.

“They kept the cake and sweets far away from my desk!”

Christine didn’t stop after the challenge.

“I continued with Fox Fitness, because I need someone to hold me accountable—plus, I fell in love with it. The all-around support is great! If you’re scared—you have someone there to help you. It’s not like at a gym where you’re all on your own. At Fox Fitness you have a support system.”

ChristineScobee1Since the challenge she has continued to track her food and continued training. She has lost ANOTHER 4.5 pounds and inches. All together Christine has lost 9.5 lbs and 7 inches!

If you’ve been inspired by Christine’s transformation story to make a change in your own life, click HERE to set-up a FREE success session with me (Becky)!

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ALSO, make sure to leave a comment below to give Christine a hand on her hard work!

And a special thank you to Sarah Firebaugh of Remember This Photography for the lovely family photo shoot and Josephine Apont  for hair and makeup that Christine won as a prize during the 6-Week Challenge!




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