Before attempting to contact me, please note that emails do not go directly to me, they go to my customer support staff. We get A LOT of emails every week so we cannot guarantee a response to each one, it’s just not possible; however, we will do our best.

Feel free to contact us with the form below if:

  1. You are interested in hiring me to help you get a foxy body or to speak at your event.
  2. You have having difficulties with any downloads or your online order.
  3. You are interested in interviewing me or have media requests.
  4. You want to send me free stuff (who doesn’t like free stuff?!) or review a product. However, I can’t promise a review, but will consider it if I think your product totally rocks and my viewers would love it.

Please DO NOT contact us if:

  1. You have a fitness or nutrition related question. Due to the high volume of emails daily there’s just no way for me to answer everyone. Instead, you can leave a comment on the Foxy Body blog or on my Facebook page and I’ll do my best to answer there. You can also get a lot of your questions answered in the Foxy Body Books or Programs.
  2. You want to speak to me about “an opportunity¬† or product that can increase my income exponentially”. Sorry, I’m not interested in promoting the latest super juice or skin care product and your email will be deleted.
  3. You can “help” me rank higher in the search engines, grow my following, or build my business. I’m not interested in your unsolicited marketing advice.
  4. You want me to go on a date with you or marry you. I’m REALLY not interested.

Thank you,

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